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Infographics: Perfect posts on social media

This is a very long but oh so useful infographics to those who want to increase traffic to their social network accounts. This infographics covers brief tutorials how to create perfect posts for blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Vine and Tumblr. At the end there is an overview of optimum timing of posting. I find it very insightful for both newbies and more experienced users of social networks mentioned in it. Get ready to scroll and I hope you find something useful for you.
How To Create Perfect Posts for Blog, YouTube, Tumblr, Vine, Google+, Facebook & Twitter: Version 4 [Infographic]
Source: Myclever Agency


22 thoughts on “Infographics: Perfect posts on social media

  1. iiiih keren mbak, i love the way they explain it in illustration.. simpel & mudah dimengerti.. dapet pelajaran baru deh… aku reblog ya mbak..

    • Makanya aku seneng infographics, datanya kompak dan visualnya menarik. Jadi infonya nempel dikepala. Eh Shin, ngga keliatan reblog button ya disini? Aku liat kamu udah reblog (yang pasti boleh dong) sepertinya ngga lewat reblog button.

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  3. Very interesting that on Pinterest pictures with no human face get shared 23% more compared to pictures with human face. Hmmm…. How about those massive pins on KPop stars? πŸ˜€

  4. Hmmm, interesting…! Is that means social media hang out has taken our real life job as well the real face to face social intercourse???

    • No. Through Social media I met people online and the contact continues offline. With some bloggers I have become friends from 2007. I see my Twitter buddies regularly offline. Those worlds are entertwined strongly.

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