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Que ótimo!

Football fans worldwide are counting down to FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brasil in 2 months from now. Brasil is for me identical not only to football but also carnaval, pretty women, the Amazone and beautiful music (samba, bossanova, bahian percussion)!

Brazilian music is beautiful. Although I don’t speak Portuguese at all, the language sounds sexy and sentimental. My father in law is an avid bossanova fan. He loves all songs from Antonio Carlos Jobim, the godfather of bossanova. Because of him I also became a bossanova fan. For years I have discovered non bossanova musicians. I share my picks here with you. Some of them are me and my husband’s faves.

Here’s Gal Costa singing Wave from Jobim. Gal Costa is well-known in Indonesia for Açai.

Rosa Passos with Desafinado

Rosalia de Souza sings Maria Moita.

Bebel Gilberto Samba da Benção. This song is a part of the soundtrack of Eat Pray Love the movie. The scene when Julia Roberts meets Javier Bardem in Ubud, Bali.

Caetano Veloso sings Desde que o Samba é Samba

Gilberto Gil Expresso 2222

Zuco 103 Treasure. The lead singer of this band is Brazilian, the keyboardist a German and the drummer is Dutch. Almost all their songs are in Portuguese mixed with English.

Everything but the girl sings Corcovado. This is a British duo who remixed and revamped the oldie from Jobim to something upbeat, loungy & contemporary. I love it! I have this on my running playlist for warming up.

Listening to all these songs I imagine myself lying on a hammock on a beach in a sunny day, a glass of cocktail in my hand, with my husband & daughter next to me. That would be ótimo! Wonderful!

Which one of the songs above is your fave?

Featured image is from Panoramio PixelPurveyor


8 thoughts on “Que ótimo!

    • Thanks Ndah. I don’t know why but Brazilian Portuguese sounds sexy & is relaxing to my ears. Set them all on your iPod then 🙂

  1. I love bossanova..my fave singer is Elis Regina (late) she had also a duet with your fve singer mr. Jobim, Águas de Março. Not only music, Brasil has many beautiful movies too. Thanks for this post mbak, reminds me that I should listen to my bossanova music more often.,,ah, saudades 🙂

  2. Saudades Oppie. I also prefer Elis Regina than Astrud Gilberto for bossanova. Then come those ladies whose songs I shared above. Bossanova & samba are soothing to here and they take me to some place peaceful and calm with no rush (in my head :-)). That’s why I love it. You should listen to it again. I really recommend searching for more songs of Rosa Passos, she is a great singer. Otimo!

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