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Framing the world

One of my hobbies is photography. In particular I love to take pictures of food. It is because I love food, I love te eat, cook and bake. So when my husband gave me an SLR camera back in 2009 I eagerly started taking foodpics. Then I found out that taking foodpic was not that easy. Good foodpic meant also good foodstyling. And foodstyling requires props, sufficient light and that x factor. The foodpic is succesful and good if people who see it want to eat the food in the pic. I even started a foodblog in Bahasa Indonesia which unfortunately has been abandoned from October last year. Partly because I began sharing my foodpic on Instagram.




Framing the world
After a while I started experimenting with the camera. I learnt how to take pictures with manual modus by myself. I read countless books and sites with photography tips and tricks. And my photo gear has also been expanded from a kit lens 18 – 55 mm to prime lens Nikkor 50 mm/f 1.4 and Nikkor 16 – 85 mm f 3.5 – 5.6G. I am a Nikon girl as you see. Now enough about the brand and specifications, this info will bore you. What I want to share here is photography has changed the way I see the world. What began with endless fascination of food photography has now expanded to architecture, travel and street photography. I can’t help it that everywhere I go I see the world in frames, whether in 2:3 (for SLR) or square size (for Instagram). 


No portraits
I am not very keen on taking portraits because I can not style the model(s). And I find it difficult to capture the facial expression. Timing is very important for portraits. While in food, architecture and travel photography I define my own pace of how and when I push the shutter button. G has been my loyal model until she didn’t want to anymore. 



Travel photography
Three years ago I started experimenting with the golden hour. During travelling I have started to taking pictures in the golden hour. Most of the time I sneak out of my room early in the morning, not wanting to wake up my husband. In that 1 hour I will take pictures with the beautiful golden hour in it.  Now my husband and G have developed certain patience to wait for me while we travel. Most of the time I stick a bit longer to take pictures with both my SLR and my iPhone. They wait for me patiently untill I am finish or they put their food together allowing me to capture them before they eat it.

golden hour




One of my inspirations
I try to tell a story through my pictures. I am still learning and searching for my own signature style. Looking at other photographers’ works helps me achieving this. One of my favorite photographers is a dear friend of mine, Indah. Indah is an Indonesian living in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. We met somewhere in 2008 through a mutual friend. She and I share this passion for photography together. Earlier this year she started blogging again  and has been posting interesting pictures regularly. In her travel and photo blog Indah shows her pictures and travel stories. Indah is a diver as well and makes beautiful underwater pictures.

Udaipur by Indah Susanti

Udaipur at night Indah Susanti

We plan to do photo safari together in Rotterdam but due to our busy agenda, this has been postponed so long.  I can’t wait to frame the world with her.

20 thoughts on “Framing the world

  1. aku jugak sekarang kalo liat spot atau makanan, pasti langsung muncul invisible frames (saking keseringan foto), tapi so far masih pake kamera hape aja sih :))

  2. I am also interested in food photography, however, I got complain from people, as they got tired of waiting for my to take picture of the nice presentation of the food as well as when I upload it on instagram/facebook.
    Anyway, thank you for introducing me Indahs as she has beautiful pictures….

    • Hi Nin, I am curious to see your foodpics. Would you mind sharing them? When eating out I only take foodpic if my company knows I am into foodpic. If not, I don’t do this. You’re welcome. I wanted to feature you as well but don’t have your email to contact you. So, Indah here’s Nina, a fellow travel photographer.

      • Aaw, thank you for your interest on my food photography. mostly I uploaded my pictures on foodspotting: http://www.foodspotting.com/ninstravelog.
        I took mostly with my iPhone. the pictures I took with my DSLR are still in my computer, as I haven’t got the change/reason to share it, as I don’t cook.
        As of my email. you can see that in your dashboard > comments and look for my comment. :).
        And yes, Indah and I are now following each other. Thanks to you

  3. I’ve noticed before – and I do see it it now – that you’ve got a great love affair with food and photography :). And though you say portraits are not your favourites, the one portrait in this series is actually a very beautiful one of a very beautiful young lady :).

    • Glad that you have noticed it Colson. Those two are inseparable in my daily life thanks to mobile photography. Styling my own daughter as a model was not that difficult but I couldn’t do it easily with other models. And thanks about your compliment. Unfortunately that young lady doesn’t want to pose for me anymore. She prefers taking selfie instead 🙂

  4. Ohh..thank you for your kind words Yoyen! I am so happy to read this article. You have your own photography style and have been a fast learner in photography! Hope to see more of your pictures – the food (which is not my strength but you captured them very well!) and travel photos 🙂

    • You are welcome Indah. I am still learning and want to come further in serious food styling and food photography but time is my enemy. Now that spring has began and it means there is longer natural light, I’d shoot more food pics.

      • Yoyen, do you consider to submit your recipes and food photos to food magazines in NL? My understanding, the magazine editors are always looking for both in an article..

        • My friends and colleagues encourage me to do it, but I need to make a good portfolio first. Perhaps one day I’ll submit one of my pic as a trial 🙂

  5. Aaah.. sama mba.. Aku juga gara2 suka foto2 makanan jadi rajin nyoba resep ini itu. Biar foto makanannya ga sama terus.. 😛

    Dan sama mba.. aku juga ga terlalu suka potraits.. soalnya kalo potraits lebih bagus kalo kita dan si objek bisa saling memberi. lah aku orangnya ga berani gini ngom sama orang.. >__< Akhirnya cuma si kecil aja deh yang dipoto2 terus.. hahaha

    • Iya Be, sama. Aku ngga bisa/males mengarahkan model manusia. Belum lagi lightingnya, gimana lighting jatuh diwajah si model, posenya dll. Kalo motret makanan kan kita sendiri yang mindahin obyeknya. Atau motret arsitektur/street photography, kan kitanya yang pindah-pindah tempat, tunggu timing yang bener terus jepret deh. Aku diminta motret pernikahan temen disini aku tolak, ngga berani Be.

      Nikmatilah motret si Jo, selagi dia masih mau dipotret 🙂

  6. aku juga sedang belajar mbak..
    andalanku ya Iphone..SLR.., masih males belajarnya wk..wk..
    dan sedang suka fotografi jalanan…

    • Aku udah lumayan lama belajar dari 2009 kok improvenya belum secepet yang aku harapkan ya? 🙂 Sekarang malah terbalik Monda, aku sukanya motret pake iPhone karena mau bawa SLR berat kecuali kalo liburan.

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