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The Counselor

When I heard about this movie I wanted to see it. The cast, the director and the script writer seemed inviting and promised a good entertainment. Here is my review.


The story
The counselor (Michael Fassbender) whose name stays unknown, is a hot shot lawyer from an under world. For an unclear reason he wants to get into drug business. Naively he hopes to earn money in a short period and wants to lead a happy life with his fiancée afterwards.

However his plan goes wrong. At the end everybody dies, his loyal client Reiner (Javier Bardem), his fiancée (Penélope Cruz), his contactperson Westray (Brad Pitt) and himself. There is only one survivor left who turns out to mastermind everything, Malika (Cameron Diaz).

My review
This movie confuses me. Despite the amazing cast and Pulitzer winning script writer, Cormac Mc Carthy (From the book and movie No country for old men), I find The Counselor quite bland.

Looking further than the sexy sex scene (the Counselor makes love to his fiancée under the sheets), unrealistic sex scene (Cameron Diaz makes love to a car!) and bloody brutal murders, The Counselor fails to deliver. The dialogues are sometimes too cryptic or too deep to understand right away (I don’t want to think, I want to be entertained!). I still don’t get it why the counselor needs to earn so much money in such a short time. Is he in trouble? Or did I fall asleep during the film that I missed the scene?

I still can’t finely put my finger on it. At which point does this movie go wrong? I don’t mind a bad ending in a movie. It is definitely not the acting either. Michael Fassbender performs well, as those other big names in it. Brad Pitt is refreshingly strong as a cowboy. Javier Bardem shows his talent but Cameron Diaz is not really convincing as a femme fatale. In some scenes her acting is rather over the top. Penélope Cruz compensates this by her lovely performance as the counselor’s fiancée.

This movie is a proof that amazing cast, director and ditto script writer are not a guarantee for success. It is not per say a bad movie though, I find it absurd and hard to understand. The storyline is not difficult to follow but I did not applause at the end.


18 thoughts on “The Counselor

  1. nggak hapal euy, mbak Yo.. disini udah main apa belum…
    Yang lagi rame sekarang captain america itu tuh mbak… 🙂
    Bener ya, sutradara dan pemain bagus emang nggak menjamin sebuah film enak dinikmati. Dan samaaaa….! Aku juga males mikir kalo nonton film. Ya kan pengennya terhibur, bukannya mikir. Cukup di dunia nyata saja lah, mikir keras caranya bayar utang. *loh?* hahaha…

    • Aku maunya mikir setelah filmnya selesai. Dialog di film ini banyak yang dalem & cryptic, musti mikir banget, males lah ha…ha..

      Sini juga film Captain America lagi diputer di bioskop. Aku belum nonton.

      • Laahhh, yang jago enggris aja males mikirnya, pegimane yg enggrisnya pas2an macem akyuuuhhh, mbaaakkk…? 😆
        Btw, captain america menurutku so so juga. Ya udah pasti tak perlu mikir dalem2 sih, mbak. Lumayan ngehibur mata aja. Jadi yaaahhh… 6,5 aja dari skala 10 menurutku. *gaya amat fit* 😀

  2. mbak yooooo aku udah nonton film ini dan yes opiniku sama persis kaya mba yo. awalnya aku juga tertarik nonton krn yg main bagus2 pas nonton kok gini kok gini kok gini? hahahaha dialoguesnya malesin bgt krn kata2 yg dipake susah dimengerti, dan ceritanya membingungkan bangeeet. abis nonton aku sampe googling2 tentang film ini maksudnya gmn sih ini ceritanya ya hahaha.. emang ya cast yg keren2 dan sutradara keren ga menjamin film bagus 😀

    • Hai Nov, Kurang greget padahal cinematografinya bagus dan aksi juga banyak. Cuma apanya yang kurang greget secara jelas aku ngga bisa jabarkan. Ada yang kurang deh di film ini.

  3. deuuuuuh aku nonton ini film ini nyeseeeeel tingkaaat dewaaaaa… hny karena tergiur pemerannya, ternyata ceritanyaaaaa mengecewakan

    • Ceritanya sih jelas menurutku Nin, tapi eksekusinya gimana ya, kurang mantep. Ada yang kurang difilm ini walaupun aku ngga bisa jelasin langsung.

  4. Gemes banget nntn film ini, kebanyakan karakter gak penting yg masuk mbak, menurutku, udh gt ujung2nya bikin stress , mbingungin … Terlalu banyak ngobrolnya juga

      • Iya mbak, rasa2nya semua penonton yg keluar dr studio juga pasa nggrundel, kecewa gt deh … Pemainnya sih udh bagus2, tp ceritanya terlalu mbingungin gt ya…

  5. Finally watched this last night. Yup, agree with you, I didn’t get it why the Councelor wanted to do drug business? I found some dialogue boring too maybe cos like you said too deep and cryptic. So did the Councelor die in the end? After receiving the Hola disk? I like Michael F acting though😘

    • See, there are so many questions unanswered after the movie ends. This is why I meant by I don’t want to think Ria. Thanks for sharing your short review here. I think Michael Fassbender is my new actor crush 🙂

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