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Amai Antwerpen: Centraal Station

Amai is a Flemish (Dutch, spoken in Belgium) word to express a surprise. It is similar to the expression Oh my in English. Antwerpen (English: Antwerp, French: Anvers) surprised me again last week-end when I had an amazing time there with my sisters in law.

We stayed in a hotel in the Diamantenbuurt (diamond quarter) only 3 minutes stroll from the beautiful Antwerpen Central Station. I took many pictures of this beautiful huge remarkable building with both my iPhone and my Nikon handheld and no flash.

First time I came to Antwerpen after this station was renovated in 2007, I fell in love with the space, the beautiful details and the typical ceiling most old European train stations had. Now that I have become a hobby photographer the light at this station has enchanted me. I took the pictures below 3 days in a row, in different times of day.


The station was finished in 1905, built by the architect Louis Delacenserie in eclecticism style. These railways in the pic below are the original. Due to expanded routes Antwerpen city council decided to multiple the capacity by building the railways in four levels underground.






In 2009 a historic flashmob was held in the main hall. It was a part of a TV show, looking for Maria from The Sound of Music. I insert the video here to give you an impression how big and light the hall is.

The following pics were taken with my iPhone.





This is part one of Antwerpen chain post. Part two is about The City.

Antwerpen Centraal Station
Koningin Astridplein 27
2018 Antwerpen



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