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Winter is coming

Right now Game of Thrones is one of the TV shows I watch besides Viking, House of Cards and Grey’s Anatomy (hey, I still need to see some hospital romance to unwind, capice?). Counting down to Season 4 of Game of Thrones which is set to air on 7 April in Dutch HBO, I have been watching the rerun of season 3 since last week. I am an avid fan from the first hour.

Browsing on the net I found this beautiful, sleek Game of Thrones artworks made by Robert M. Ball. He made this serie of artworks called Beautiful Death, depicting deaths occurred in season 3 accompanied by the well-known quotes.

I am anxious to see what season 4 has to offer. More deaths, revenges and chaos. Joffrey is going to die. Khaleesi is marching to the North. By the way, I know someone who got very upset about the Red Wedding, he quit watching the show. I was like: dude, it is in the book!

Anyhow, just enjoy these beautiful artworks. And get ready because winter is coming and cold winds are rising!











Featured image Winter is coming is made by McNealy.


5 thoughts on “Winter is coming

  1. Entah kenapa, aku justru tidak terlalu demen ngikutin serialnya, I mean klo pas ada di HBO aku nonton, tapi nggak bener2 sampe pasang timer ngikutin. Aku baca bukunya, dan menurut aku filmnya kurang bagus dibanding bukunya….

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