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The world of colors

What is your favorite color? Or perhaps you have more than one favorite color? Most of us know the meaning of colors as shown below.


Psychology of color
Few people know that our purchasing impulses are partly influenced by color. Marketeers and branding specialists benefit from this color psychology. I find this quite an interesting study which I reckon with my daily situation.

In color marketing the right colors are coupled with the products/services. The colors are used in the packaging of the products and ads with an aim that consumers would buy the products.  The use of color in branding has to do with the corporate identity. The affiliated colors are visible in the company logo, website and other corporate communications. I could go on and on and on about branding and corporate communications but this is my own private journal not a work piece. I won’t bore you with such information. So enough about the theories of color use in Marketing and Branding now. We carry on with the post.

Color psychology applies on more matters than the previous ones mentioned before. Colors have certain associations you know but not aware of them. Look at the infographics below.

Psychology of Color [Infographic]This infographics is taken from NowSourcing, Inc

Define your color(s)
Colors are divided in warm and cold, bright and soft, opaque and transparent. There are even contrasting color patterns or colors according to the seasons. I often hear from friends that they love a color but don’t want to wear it because that is not their color. Or that someone is convinced a color doesn’t match him. Hmm, this is interesting to hear because each color matches everyone. There are countless color tones and hues. The key is to pick up the right one suitable for you.

colors This color wallpaper is taken from HotHDwallpaper.

For professionals (designers, developers) working in creative industry colors are not just colors. Colors have beautiful names such as denim blue, royal blue, navy blue, scarlett red, magenta red, burgundy red, vermillion red and many more. And they have numeric codes too in RGB (Red Green Blue for digital use only), CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Key for prints) and PMS (Pantone Matching System). Those codes come handy when the users apply it on the same time, they know exactly which color they have in mind. Ah, I won’t confuse you with this technical info. I just love colors.

If you want to explore colors for an interior/online makeover or you want to restyle your wardrobe, use a color generator. Just upload an image of your choice at color palette generator, it will search a color palette for you. Or create your own color wheel with Kuler from Adobe by simply dragging your cursor. Not satisfied with these color generators, Google it. There are lots of them available for free.

So I say start color your day as the world without colors would be boring.


27 thoughts on “The world of colors

  1. In my teenage year, blue is my favorite color, then change to fuschia tapi somehow mayoritas barang2ku gak lepas dari warna gold/bronze/brown/toffee/mocha dkk-nya.. mungkin it’s a neutral color yang bisa dipadupadan dengan apa aja or else pengaruh usia juga ya mbak 🙂

    • Aku juga pernah 2 tahunan lah jadi manusia beige/copper, alasannya sih salah satunya males dan mau cari aman aja Shin. Sekarang mulai berwarna-warni lagi 🙂

  2. Believe it or aku ga punya one specific fav color. dulu aku berfikir apa aja yg kuliat nya bagus ya aku suka. Misalnya utk baju A kok yang hijaunya kurang bagus tp yg purple bagus so I.pick the purple…or vice versa. But Lately aku lg suka oranye… (ihhh padahal tim bola fav ku dr jaman SMP bukan belanda loh mba yo..tp Inggris) …so now I love orange but cant decided yet this going to be my fav color forever *hahaha labil* :))

    • Ha….ha…Oranje fan Jo? Aku sekarang suka semua warna walaupun rumahku interiornya warna tanah cari aman. Tapi baju dan barang sih warna warni sekarang.

  3. Mo kasih saran ke pak boss ah, tembok kantor dicat biru biar kami (makin) produktif 😀
    Btw saya sukanya warna merah & putih, mbak Yo… Red & White! Nasionalis banget yah hihihi

      • Makasih udah diingetin, mbak Yo 😉 tp saya masih penasaran sih kok bisa 3 negara, benderanya sama hahaha…
        Kan ada juga tuh yang kebalik, putih-merah

  4. Baru ikut tes warna di fb dan hasil yg py dapet merah..hehee 😀

    Pada dasarnya py suka semua warna, ga terpaku ma 1 warna aja. Semua tergantung mood 😀

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