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MM: Here comes the sun

The sun shines more frequently, spring has officially started. Listening to this song makes me happy. The melody and the lyrics bring warm feeling inside me.

Here comes the sun is written by George Harrison, the silent one from The Beatles. Harrison also wrote Something. His songs are simple and beautiful, modest and sensitive.

Growing up as a hippiechild, The Beatles’ songs are daily bread for me. While working at his studio my late father played his music. The Beatles is one of his fave bands.

Actually Here comes the sun is one of 5 songs I can play on guitar. My father sang and played the guitar while my sister and I were his background singers. We did this quite often in the afternoon. One day he decided to teach me the chords which I did.

Glee version
When Glee dedicated the whole Beatles episode, my daughter G and I watched it together. She was surprised cause I knew all the songs. I sang along as if I was in a karaoke bar. G agrees that Here comes the sun is beautiful. I think it is partly because she loves Demi Lovato.

Nina’s version
Here’s a jazzy, lazy version of Nina Simone which is also my fave. Simone’s unique voice blends smoothly with the arrangement. It is totally different than the original but I love it!

Last February I watched The Beatles 50th anniversary concert. Pharrell Williams sang Here comes the sun. And I found it very touching to see Dave Grohl brought his daughter along. For the same reason I wrote above, I recognized myself in Grohl’s daughter. You are fan of the same band your dad is crazy about, how cool
is that! Of course I sang along with all the songs from this tribute concert. I wish my father could have seen it.

Writing this I am aware of what music does. One single song can bring back memories.

Here comes the sun!

9 thoughts on “MM: Here comes the sun

  1. Mba Yoyen, aku sampe merinding baca paragraf terakhir ngebayangin perasaannya sambil denger lagu ini. This is also one of my favorite song from the beatles, selain Til there was you 🙂

    • Ah Till there was you juga bagus. Aku suka memang lagu-lagu The Fab Four yang kurang begitu terkenal. Kamu udah liat tribute konser ini Meta? Bagus deh. Dijamin ikut nyanyi dari awal sampe akhir.

    • Manis banget. Jadi waktu Dave Grohl dipanggung dia bilang anaknya (umur 10 tahun kalo ngga salah) datenya dia malem itu karena si anak juga suka The Beatles. Di closing finale waktu Ringo & Paul dipanggung, Ringo sebut anaknya Grohl sweet. Ahh.

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