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Nine streets

Yesterday I met Oppie for lunch in Amsterdam. When setting this appointment I told her I would love to take pictures of the canals. Oppie suggested to go to Negen Straatjes (Nine Streets) for this.

Nine streets present themselves as a neighbourhood filled by unique boutiques, cafes and galleries. These small streets are located criss cross the Keizergracht, Prinsengracht, Herengracht and Singel. All those grachten (canals) have been acknowledged by Unesco as cultural heritage.

In the summer there is a classic concert on the canal! This is known as Keizergracht concert. The canal is then packed with small boats. Dutch royals mostly attend this open air concert.

Back to this post. When I arrived around noon it was raining cats and dogs. So Oppie and I decided to grab our lunch first. We catched up upon many things. After that we started strolling to the Nine Streets. They are tucked away behind Dam Palace. To reach them go behind the palace and take the wide street and follow it untill you see a church on your right, Nine Streets are on your left.

This is how the canal looks like. Quite ordinary on a cloudy day.

Untill you notice that those houses don’t stand straight. This is because Amsterdam’s downtown was built on swamp. The canal houses have to reckon with the sinking ground constantly.

This is a lunchroom of a gallery. I love the door. Judging by its form, it must have been a warehouse. The bicycle on the front adds a Dutchie touch in this picture.

This house drew my attention because of the greeneries on the doorstep. It looks cozy. Do you notice the man on the left inside the house? He waved to us so friendly after I took the picture.

The mini bicycle under the bench gives away that a family with young kids lives here. Take a look at the door’s details, beautiful.

The building in the middle seems to have been a synagogue once. It is now renovated and it appears like there are flats in it.

An antique store on a corner with many beautiful vintage stuffs.

This pastry and cookie shop is located just outside the Nine Streets, in the Jordaan, the heart of Amsterdam. The wooden facade is amazing.

Happy Oppie at De Drie Graefjes bakery during our coffee moment. De Drie Graefjes is not located in the Nine Streets but behind the Nieuwkerk.

A Cappuccino for me and a Latte Macchiatto for Oppie. And we both had this delicious Red Velvet Cake.


And this is me, snapped by Oppie. I was seriously studying the menu because De Drie Graefjes offers so many delicious goodies, savory and sweet.

Thank you so much Oppie for your company and your time taking me through the Nine Streets. Untill next time.

De Drie Graefjes
Lunchroom, High tea and American Bakery
Eggertstraat 1
Open daily 9 am – 6 pm

De Drie Graefjes has also another branche at Rokin.


20 thoughts on “Nine streets

  1. What a lovely catch up Lo, love all the pics. Make me wanting to go back to Amsterdam again one day! Have a lovely week end gorgeous😘

    • It was Ria. Catching up was very fun, we kept talking in between the photo shooting and while walking.

      Come again this way, I’ll take you for a stroll along the canals.

  2. Selalu menyenangkan ketemu n bisa chitchat sambil ngupi2 bareng plus liat view okeh. Btw, gedung yang miring itu agak2 nyeremin ga sih mbak? Gemes mau nadahin tangan or megangin biar ga jatoh :)))(

    • Lucu aja ngeliatnya Jo. Banyak yang lebih miring dari yang aku foto loh. Ketemu Oppie rasanya ya seperti ketemu temen kenal didarat, ngobrolnya seru.

  3. Pretty pictures as always…nice lighting too. Ahhh that man who waived at us was sooo nice :)) huaaa that’s me with all teeth hahaha. See you again in Arnhem my dear xx thank you for the lovely afternoon. Het was heel erg gezellig!

  4. I went to Amsterdam February last year where things were covered up by snow and the wind was so cold. I just seen through you pics how beautiful it is in Spring wow! hopefully could go back there when the weather’s good

    • Last year’s winter was one of the coldest and the longest in The Netherlands. Yes, The city is beautiful in spring but each season has its own charm πŸ™‚

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  6. Mba Yo, sebelum ngomentarin foto mau tanya soal “it was raining cats and dogs”.hehe. Itu idiom gitu yah mba Yo? Py gugling katanya artinya hujan gede dan gede banget.. Benarkah?

    Foto2nya cantik mba Yo πŸ˜€ Dan iya Py juga ngeh rumahnya miring..heheh.. Ternyata ga cuma menara Pisa aja yg miring yah mba πŸ˜€

    • Py, Sorry baru liat komennya. Betul artinya hujan deres. Di Belanda banyak rumah tua yang mirip karena tanahnya dulu rawa yang diuruk, jadi bangunan mblesek.

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