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Today is International Day of Happiness. Visit the site and read some inspiring motivations of this day.

To me happiness is a state of mind. It happens to you or you can force it. I know several stages of happiness ranging from happy to very happy. It depends on the circumstances. You can choose to be happy and enjoy life better. It is an experience you allow yourself to indulge.

Do the test below. I can’t help it I am a foodie so I use this infographic. You are free to change this with non-food things of course.


Still not happy? Then listen to Pharrell’s Happy. This song has this definitely contagious rhythm which makes everyone happy.

For the sweettooth among us, this day gets even happier as today is also the day of Macaron. See, I am back to food again as food makes me happy :-).


And back to being happy, I leave you with an old song from Bobby McFerrin Don’t worry be happy.


12 thoughts on “Happy

  1. Pagi ini kita dapat email berisi pesan happynya Ban Ki Moon dalam aneka rupa bahasa. Yang menarik, menurutku, ini: “Happiness may have different meanings for different people. But we can all agree that it means working to end conflict, poverty and other unfortunate conditions in which so many of our fellow human beings live.” Happiness menurutku emang harus ditularkan!

    Btw, itu lagunya Pharrell nyenengin banget ya, aku kalau lari pakai itu jadi makin cepet. LOL

    • Iya aku baca pesannya Ban Ki Moon itu, bagus ya Tje!

      Ha..ha.. betul lagu Happy ini masterpiecenya Pharrel, up beat dan liriknya sederhana yang sangat positif. Biar larinya tambah semangat ya.

  2. lagu nya Pharell bikin badan pingin goyang terus senyum2 gitu ya Mba hehehe.. dan emang kebahagiaan itu state a mind, we decide for ourselves mau bahagia atau nggak πŸ™‚
    Be Happy! πŸ˜€

  3. Denger lagunya Bobby McFerrin bikin hati adem ya mba. Seneng rasanya πŸ™‚
    Happy International Day of Happiness mba Yo πŸ™‚

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  5. Dulu benciiikk pake banget dikasih nama Happy.. Soale sering digodain Mr.Happy dari jaman SD..huh.. Tapi seiring bertambah umur malah jadi seneng, soale kan jadi doa. Meski hari mendung selalu ceria karena pada manggil Happy :p

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