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Spring has sprung in The Netherlands. It has been sunny since last week end. At the first sunny day of the year, when I bike to work in a blouse and a skirt, wearing pumps and sheer stockings I can’t help but singing this cheesy oldie from Jon Denver.

Year after year I still find it special to feel the very first sunshine in spring. I guess those who live in a tropical country would think I exaggerate but it’s true, really. After a long, cold and dark winter (ok, this past winter was mild, but I mean normal winter), spring comes. To me spring symbolizes hope and a new life.


12 thoughts on “Sunshine

  1. I love spring too 🙂 And I like winter here, as you know winter in Australia is very mild though at night can go to zero. Happy spring Lo and have a good week end!

  2. Mba yo, aku lg nyari2 bibit bunga matahari. Masih maruk nanam2 ehhhh di luar udah mulai spring ya, jd bny postingan bunga2. Ini komennya malah soal bunga hehe

  3. A choir of singing birds in the morning, countless small patches of ultra fresh green on the trees, the girls and women wearing cheerful coloured clothes in the street, the first cool beer in the sun, and love in the air.

    This is the best part of the year.

  4. Mbak, kalo di Indo, aku paling seneng musim tanam padi. Seneeengg liat tanaman padi ijo yg masih baru tumbuh. Bener kata mbak Yo, seperti hidup dan harapan baru. 🙂

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