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Thick Sweater Day

Today I wore a thick sweater to work because is a Thick Sweater Day (Warme Truiendag). This annual event means that all participating buildings set the thermometer a couple of degree lower than normal. The idea of this event is to save 7% energy and to decrease CO2 emissions by 7%. It started after the first anniversary of the Kyoto Protocol.  My office participates with the yearly event.


I took this funny picture below from my office’s intranet.
Geit with een trui

Luckily due to this mild winter, it was not really that cold at the office. Outside it was 10 degree Celsius and inside it was 18 degree Celsius.

My heater at home is set around 18 – 20 degree Celsius no matter what the temperature is outside. Before going to bed at night I lower the heater’s temperature to 15 degree Celsius to save the energy. That is at least what I can do to live green.


6 thoughts on “Thick Sweater Day

  1. meanwhile in Semarang we still have like 28-24ish (24 only at night) so the aircon are all set to 25 up to make the temp warmer hahahaha~ be careful of the cold kak yo! 😀

  2. oh ada sejarahnya ya mbak aku kira bisa bisaan nya orang belanda aja 🙂 aku ga pake warme trui hari ini oalaahh panas bgt heater di kantor..tapi tapi hari ini aku crochet syal #biarmatching hahaha

  3. Ohhh ada hari beginian.lucu juga ya kalo ada versi negara tropis. “Yukensi day” alias boleh pake baju tanpa lengan or yg tipis2 dan ga nyalain A.go green juga kan :)))

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