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Before the devil knows you’re dead

In memory of Philip Seymour Hoffman who died of an OD last Sunday I write this post. Hoffman starred in Before the evil knows you’re dead, directed by Sydney Lumet in 2007. It is one of my favorite movies.


The story
Hoffman plays Andy, a drug addict broker. He is married to his beautiful wife (Marisa Tomei). Andy’s brother (Ethan Hawke) is divorced and can hardly make ends meet. Despite his seemingly succesful career Andy is short in cash. He has used one of his client’s money. Now he needs to pay the debts.

So Andy convinces Hank to rob their parents’ jewellry shop. Hanks needs extra cash to pay his alimony. He thinks the insurance company would cover the loss anyway, he and his brother get the money and everybody would be happy.

Unfortunately the robbery goes wrong. I won’t write any spoilers, just go and see this tragic drama. You won’t be disappointed.

My thoughts
The cast is excellent. The story develops quite interestingly. It is eerie to see Hoffman playing a drug addict convincingly. I guess life imitates art applies here. Take a good look at the scene where Hoffman destroys the room, so coldly in control with the anger underneath.

What I like about Hoffman’s performance in all his movies was his ability to shine in the simpliest or heaviest role he had. Watching him was not watching Hoffman, but the role itself. And his voice, it was so impressive. He used it with an amazing dose in every word he said.

I can say Hoffman was one of the best actors the past 15 years.

RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman!


10 thoughts on “Before the devil knows you’re dead

    • Supporting role maksudnya? Walaupun supporting role Hoffman dapet Oscar untuk leading role di Capote & perannya di Savages juga banyak dapet penghargaan. Selain itu juga dia aktor drama panggung.

  1. Huhuhuh RIP Hoffman, padahal dia baru selesain mockingjay part 1.. Btw ini filmnya bagus yah mbak yo? Aku belum nonton, mau cari ah terus nonton hehehe

    • Part 2 juga udah hampir selesai, tinggal finishing touch. Iya film ini bagus. Kalo mau liat filmya yang lain: Capote, Savages & Happiness. The talented Mr Ripley juga bagus.

  2. i don’t know too much about the actor, but i know he was so famous.. that’s why my timeline was full of his death topic

    #RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman

  3. aku tau dia waktu main di MI ke 3 sama trakhir yang moneyball itu mba. klo kata suamiku dia termasuk aktor watak apalgi yang di capote, he won the oscar juga kan ya buat film itu? RIP philip s hoffman

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