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Oldskool concert

Yesterday my husband and I saw Eric Benet and Brian McKnight’s concert at the Melkweg in Amsterdam.

We both love the same music genre except my husband is not really into rock ‘n roll which I in turn, got from my dad. Anyway, my husband surprised me last December by purchasing the ticket for this concert. I love surprises and after all these years together I still feel excited going out on a date with him.

Eric Benet
Here is how the concert went. Eric Benet opened it with Sweet Harriet. During the 1 hour performance, he delivered. His sweet voice was as crisp and velvetty as on his records. With one backing vocal and one keyboardist playing the keyboard and pre-recorded music, he was quite entertaining. In between the songs this singer/song writer told the public about his inspirations: Earth, Wind and Fire and Maze & Frankie Beverly. Benet even sang the prelude of Maze & Frankie Beverly’s Happy Feelings. That was like oldskool met very oldskool, great!


The obligatory hits such as Georgy Porgy and Spend My Life were also on the list. Benet told us the latter was one of the most played songs during weddings in the USA. After an hour, his concert ended. Brian McKnight took the stage over from him.

Brian McKnight
Most people only know him from one hit: One Last Cry but his other songs are also good if you like R’nB and Soul. McKnight is known for his falsetto technique and addlips. He proved this right during the whole hour.

McKnight performed accompanied by one keyboardist who played the keyboard and pre recorded music. Promoting his new album he sang two songs from it.


In the middle of a concert he took one single lady from the audience and serenaded her on stage. McKnight went unplugged with a guitar performing Crazy Love. Like Benet, McKnight also sang his hits like One Last Cry and Back At One.

Time flies when you are having fun. So there went an hour and McKnight ended his concert with a humble thank you to public.

Was it good?
These ladies men’s works evolve around love, falling in love, being in love and broken love inspired by their own life (I quoted them on this). However, LIVE Eric Benet nailed it! While Brian McKnight seemed to have difficulties in catching high notes, Eric Benet went on smoothly. No further remarks from me as the audience seemed to enjoy it very much. My husband and I did, for sure.

Overall I had a great time during this midweek dinner concert date with my husband. Dankjewel lieverd!

A rare picture of me and my husband together

Eric Benet and Brian McKnight in concert, 30 January 2014 at Melkweg, Amsterdam

PS Excuse me for the blurry and pixelated pics. I took them with my iPhone.

Thumbnail pic is taken from R&B Google Play


6 thoughts on “Oldskool concert

    • Iya, ex suaminya. Mereka sudah bercerai karena konon Ericnya sering nyeleweng. Cakep memang si Fit, cuma sepertinya dia memang type player gitu 🙂 Banyak lagunya Eric & Brian yang bagus cuma ngga terkenal

  1. Pernah nonton mereka berdua di Java Jazz mba.
    Mcknight aku suka for the sake of high school, tp Benet agak kurang krn kebanyakkan nonton E tentang dia & H. Berry.

    • Dua-duanya player Feb, cara mereka komunikasi dengan publik dari panggung 🙂 Kalo aku & suami sih suka musiknya, easy listening R’nB and Soul.

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