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Introducing: Music Monday

I can’t imagine a life without music. I listen to it everyday, at work, in the kitchen, biking on my way to work, on the couch with my husband. I dance to the music with my daughter G.

Music is emotion. Music and the lyrics can be so comforting. Music boosts my mood when I am down. Music brings memories to life. Music describes my feeling. Music takes me to another places. Music stimulates my creativity. Music reunites me with the loved-ones who are far away.

I can go on and on about what music means to me. That’s why I decided to start a regular chain post Music Monday. In Music Monday I gladly share my music, songs or instrumental. Sometime I will insert stories about it. I hope I can keep this regularly.

Enjoy my first pick, Music and Me from Michael Jackson.



6 thoughts on “Introducing: Music Monday

  1. So agree with you! I also listen to the lyrics. Music can soothe me, but can also give me bad feeling. I stop listening to a certain kind of music because I realize it’s not good for my soul :)) Just listen to it now and then, but not constantly like I used to.

    Please don’t stop the music, mbak Yooo! Have a nice week!

    • For every occassion there is a suitable music to hear Ret 🙂 I thought I’d give it a shot. Music Monday is a weekly post chain. There are 52 weeks in a year and I love more than 52 songs.

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