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Precious memories

My sister was buried today. I attended the funeral by Skype at 6 am Dutch time/12 am West Indonesian time. Thanks to the tech and strong signal I could follow the service smoothly. After that I started to search for pictures of me and my siblings together. Here is it. 4 sisters on vacation in Ubud, Bali in July 2009. From left to right: Nana, Bernadette, Patsy and me.


Looking at this and and the picture of her grave covered with flowers, I realise she is not among us anymore. This made me sad. Of course we had been prepared to let go of her since her cancer became metastatic. But still it is hard to be confronted with the loss. Such moment would happen more often I believe. I need to deal with it.

I remember one day I asked her whether she was afraid of death. Her answer was no, only she felt sorry she could not be there for us. Nana had a strong faith in Jesus. I admire her for this. I don’t know how I would react if I was in her shoes.

Nana was a Sunday School teacher. She loved Christmas. That’s why I dedicate this star in our Christmas tree to remember her untiring spirit and inspiring faith. Because that’s what she was, a real star!


Condolences and kind words have been coming in since yesterday. I do read them one by one. They help me and my family mourning our loss. I really appreciate it. Thank you.

25 thoughts on “Precious memories

  1. Mba Yo.. Sekali lagi turut berduka cita ya mbak.. Mataku berkaca-kaca baca postingan ini. Semoga dia bahagia di sisi Tuhan ya mba :’)

  2. Goed dat het mogelijk was er op deze manier bij te zijn.

    Haar begrafenis is niet het einde. Zij zal altijd voortleven in de herinnering van haar naasten en vrienden.

    • Ja Colson. Zelfs vond ik het ook erg bijzonder dat ik op die manier erbij kon zijn. Die herinnering koester ik samen met mijn familie.

  3. ditinggalkan… rasanya memang menyedihkan, saya juga baru kehilangan Bapak saya Mba. dan rasanya sebagian dari diri saya nyaris runtuh 😦
    bahkan setelah 2 minggu dia pergi, saya masih sangat merindukan dan menangisi diri sendiri yang ditinggalkannya 😦

    turut berdukacita ya Mba… Your sister dan Bapak saya pasti sudah senang di sana sama Bapa di Surga, sekarang tinggal kita yang meneruskan kehidupan meski tanpa mereka yang tersayang πŸ™‚

    • Debby, Turut berduka cita ya. Memang sedih dan rasa kehilangan selalu ada. Iya, itu yang aku percaya adikku sudah bebas dari rasa sakit dan sekarang dia senang diatas sana.

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