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No more pain

Tired of the pain and weakened by the unfair battle, my sister Nana passed away today, surrounded by her loved-ones. It was literally her dying wish to celebrate Christmas when she heard the cancer had spread a month ago. Last week she adjusted this and told our mother “Perhaps I’ll go the 14th. The same day as dad did”. And so she did.

This picture was taken at 27 July this year in Jakarta before I flew back to The Netherlands the following day.

Writing this I was stunned to notice that from now on when I refer to her I need to use past tense. She is not here anymore but her memories live on.

Farewell and may you rest in peace Nana. You knew I loved you, I still do and always will. I’ll meet you on the other side one day.

Anastasia Sarah Juliastuti Mintaraga
5 July 1975 – 14 December 2013

42 thoughts on “No more pain

  1. Turut berduka cita untuk mbak Yoyen dan keluarga. Semoga selalu diberi kesabaran ngadepin cobaan in iya mbak

  2. my deepest condolences for you and your fam kak Yo
    but stay strong, she is in a better place to be right now.
    I always think this way when my precious ones passed away and left, “he/she has finished the run and winning merrily, there is no need to struggling in sadness.” so please think that this is not a ‘lost in battle’ but ‘winning over it’
    God bless you kak!

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  4. Tuhan yang memberi, Tuhan yang mengambil.. Terpujilah Tuhan.

    Turut berduka yah Mba Yo, berdoa Tuhan kasih kekuatan dan ketabahan extra untuk Mba Yo dan semua keluarga yang ditinggalkan. Rest in peace Mba Nana 😥

  5. Turut berduka cita ya mbak, meskipun mungkin berat melepaskan tapi ini yang terbaik buat adiknya, dia lebih terbebas dari sakitnya … Yang tabah ya mbak…

  6. Ahh…Loraine, baru baca ini, secara baru balik dari Lombok. My deepest condolences for the loss of your sister, may she rest in peace. Is she your younger sister or older? Hugs. xx

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  8. “Writing this I was stunned to notice that from now on when I refer to her I need to use past tense.”
    Same here. I never knew how tenses influence our life after I have to use past tense for my dad. Sorry for just reading this post. May she rest in peace, Mba.

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