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City walk

Last Thursday I did a city walk in Arnhem with my colleagues. I made a numbers of pictures with my iPhone which I already shared some on my Instagram account @yoyen2008. You see those and the rest unpublished here in this post accompanied by stories attached. The walk started at the visitor center of Park Sonsbeek.


Park Sonsbeek (Dutch spelling) is the green lung of Arnhem. This 67 hectares park was built in 1889. Baron Van Heeckeren, the owner at that time, needed some money, that was why he sold this ground to the municipality of Arnhem only for the half of its price!

The majestic white mansion in the middle of the park is officially called Huis Sonsbeek, established in 1744, before the park was built. However it is known among the locals as De Witte Villa. Now it is a chique restaurant. This building is a protected historical monument.


This is the watermill welcoming visitors at the visitor center. The watermill runs on the water current from De Jansbeek (The Jan creek).


Look closely on the left, that is how the watermill works.


Inside the watermill there is a huge wooden grinder. It grinds wheat, barley into various kinds of flour. Fine white flour for velvety cakes or flour for crusty breads. You name it, they have it.


This is the opening of the watermill on the dry side. Far away on the background there are mansions at Sonsbeekkwartier (Sonsbeek quarter). People live there side by side with companies. This area is definitely Arnhem’s A location as it takes only 5 minutes walk to the city center and the central station but yet you have this green scenery in front of your house.

When the weather is not cold, cows stand here eating grass, creating that typical Dutch view.


These are my colleagues, walking to another spot following the guide.


Another side of Sonsbeekkwartier. The sky looks threateningly dark but it didn’t rain that day. The temperature was quite comfortable too to Dutch standard; 8 – 9 degree Celsius, no wind.


Those boards show the directions at the park otherwise you’d get lost. The park is huge!


Two Swans on Jansbeek (Jan creek). There are a lot of animals here; Cows, Swans, Ducks and Deers.


Up to De Witte Villa (on the right side). The leaves are still attached on the trees as there has only been one heavy storm to shake them off this autumn. Around De Witte Villa is the spot for picnic in the Spring and Summer. I come here often to chill with my family and friends.


We left Park Sonsbeek and continued the walk to Sint Marten and Klarendal. These two quarters were originally an area where the working-class blue collars lived. Since 10 years ago Municipality of Arnhem has started some projects to revamp these. Now Sint Marten and Klarendal are two trendy places where real Arnhemians live with multicultural migrants, blue collars and white collars, young and old. The picture above is a door of Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk (Church of Our Lady) in Sint Marten quarter. This church was built in 1910 . In 2002 it was turned into 35 de luxe apartments.


This portrait and many others welcome the visitors of the parking lot at the Hommelseweg in Sint Marten quarter. This was one of the projects revamping Sint Marten and Klarendal.


Sint Marten warmly welcomes you! The mosaic under the railway.


One of my fave hang outs, Goed Proeven right in the heart of Klarendal. This restaurant is located in the so-called Modekwartier. A few blocks in Klarendal are occupied by fashion and lifestyle boutiques with original design. Klarendal had profited from this initiative. There is a special story about Goed Proeven’s building. It was originally a Post Office, situated 5 km from where it stands now. In 2008 it was moved entirely to Klarendal as part of the Modekwartier project.


One of many wall paintings in Klarendal. Love this!


Windmill De Kroon is still active. It produces flour. When we were there it was closed, so we could not enter it. This windmill is special because it is situated in the middle of residential area of Klarendal.


This is the house of the miller attached next to the windmill itself.


Windmill De Kroon in Klarendal.


After 5 km walk we ended our sightseeing with a wine tasting at Wijnhuis Robbers & Van den Hoogen It is one of Dutch four big wine wholesalers. Next to this wine house there is Wijnmuseum.

Although I thought I knew a lot about the city and this route but with an experienced guide I discovered new spots and heard the background stories about them. Very interesting for a history nerd like me. I hope you enjoy this virtual city walk as I did.

Pics are shot with iPhone and minimally edited with Snapseed.


19 thoughts on “City walk

  1. So lovely!!! I have been to Arnhem twice but I always liked the vibes:) sadly never ventured out to these cool spots. Btw, the portrait looks like Kapitan Pattimura! hihi. Cerita nya outing gitu mbak sama kolega kah?

    • Next time you come to Arnhem I will gladly tour you around Oppie. Itu pria Maroko kalo ngga salah, bawa klewang bener mirip Pattimura ya 😉

      Yup ini department outing, jalan-jalan terus wine tasting ditutup dengan dinner.

  2. Wuiiiihhh…. kereeennn! Serasa lagi liat foto2 di buku dongeng, mbak Yo. Err.. baiklah, musti ngaku dulu, banyak narasi yg aku nggak ngeh artinya apaan, hahaha… *payah*
    Tapiiii… ini kali pertama aku liat foto kincir angin dari deket, loh. Itu tingginya berapa sih, mbak? Kayak yg nggak terlalu tinggi, ya…

    • Yang mana yang ngga ngerti Fit? Sebut fotonya, nanti aku jelasin dalam Bahasa Indonesia. Kincir angin ini tingginya dari tanah ke ujung kira-kira 8-9 meter lah.

      • Hihi, ngerti sih mbak. Banyak ngeraba2 tapinya… 😆
        Btw, 8-9 m? Woooww, tinggi jugaaaa… kalo difoto kayak yg nggak terlalu tinggi, ya. Atau karena ngambil gambarnya dari jarak dekat?

    • 15 menit naik mobil/bus, 25 menit naik sepeda. Aku kerja di Arnhem Mar. Bagus memang kotanya, ngga gede banget tapi juga ngga kecil.

  3. Mba Yo, yang dilukisan itu Sint Marten yah? Pertama liat py kaget, mirip banget Patimura 😀 Kirain ada sejarah apa gitu..hehe..

    Keren2 banget foto nya mba Yo.. Daun2nya itu lhoo, angsanyam windmill nya.. Ahh.. Kapan bisa foto disana..

    • Itu orang Turki Py. Jadi gini ceritanya: di Sint Marten banyak imigran asing, mayoritas dari Turki & Maroko. Nah, perkampungan ini 3 tahun lalu direnovasi dan pemkotnya buat proyek parking lot baru. Terus seniman setempat gambar deh dindingnya.

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