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Bad News

A quick update about my sick sister, Nana. Her condition has worsened, very fast. Her breast cancer has became metastatic. It has spread to her lung and liver. She is suffering a lot from the excruciating pain.


When I heard about this last week I was deeply devastated. The tone changed from survival to when …. (fill in the blanks yourself, I can’t). We all now hope for a miracle. The most important thing is we hope for the best for her. I can only send her my love, thoughts and prayer.

PS My family and I agree not to share her pics during her struggle. This is at least we can do to respect her and spare her some dignity.


40 thoughts on “Bad News

  1. Very bad, very sad news. Once more cancer proves to be a tough and unjust foe. The one thing I can do is to wish you and your family a lot of strength and a medical miracle indeed.

  2. my deepest thoughts are with you and family mbak yoyen..and I pray for a miracle. Veel sterkte and dikke knuffels voor je..xxx

  3. Mba Yo, py doa dari sini untuk keajaiban itu bisa terjadi dan saudarinya bisa segera sembuh.. Tapi biar kehendak Tuhan saja yang jadi. Yang kuat dan tegar yah Mba Yo, adek (atau kk nya) mba Yo pasti butuh dukungan dan pegangan.

  4. I’m sorry to hear that mba. Tapi semoga adik mba diberikan jalan terbaik dari-Nya ya mba. Tetap semangat mba lo dan keluarga 🙂

  5. Mbak Yo, aku ikut sedih… 😥
    Semoga diberikan HANYA yang terbaik untuk nana dan keluarga ya… 😥
    Btw, ini komenku entah yang ke berapa kali, dari kemaren gagal muluuu.. 😦

    • Makasih Fit, aku juga sedih terus dan kasihan sama dia karena sakit sekali. Ada apa dengan WordPress ya? Temenku malah bilang dia ngga bisa komen sama sekali.

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