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Sexiest men ever

People magazine has crowned Adam Levine the sexiest man alive for this year but I have my own picks. These men might not be on the list of the sexiest men alive People’s version. I adore them not only for their looks but also their works. They make me go hhh…. They are actors. Some are unbelievably handsome, some are still alive, others passed away. Some have something which attracts me, be it the attitude or their appearance or the whole package. I intentionally upload only black and white pictures cause I find them more intense.


The late Andy Whitfield from Spartacus Blood & Sand. Whitfield is my latest celebrity crush dated from March 2010. He portrayed Spartacus as a strong warrior, a vulnerable lover and a determined gladiator. My husband knows how I fancy this man ๐Ÿ˜‰ Too bad Whitfield died in September 2011 because of Non – Hodgkin Lymphoma before the big break.

This one needs no introduction. Keanu Reeves has certainly something about him, misery (his baby died at birth, baby’s mother died in a car accident) and mystery. I have seen all his movies. I just love him and can hardly wait for his latest movie to come, Ronin 47. This pic is especially for Oppie who is also Keanu’s fan.

Marlon Brando was รผber cool. He had this je ne sais quoi attitude like, nobody can break me. I recommend for those who do not know him, his movie Last Tango in Paris.

Brando again, smoking.

Waxy looking Hugh Jackman. He can do action, drama, comedy & costume drama. He is an allrounder, he acts, sings and dances but maintain to be manly. I adore him because he seems like a nice guy who loves his wife & kids.

This is Daniel Day Lewis in The last of the Mohicans 1993. Smouldering as an allegedgy Indian, he caught my attention. I have been his fan eversince. He also is amazing in other movies. My faves are In the name of the father, My left foot, Unbearable lightness of being & Lincoln. He is one of the great actors in his time.

James Dean died on the peak of his fame like Andy Whitfield. Dean was seen as the rebelling actor. Too bad he only made a bunch of movies. He looks like Channing Tatum here.

Not pictured here but I am also fan of Christian Bale, Edward Burns, Sean Bean, Eric Bana, Javier Bardem, Kevin Spacey, Paul Newman, Benicio del Torro, Ken Watanabe, Idris Elba.

I should stop here otherwise the list would be too long. Don’t blame me if you crave for more. I only adore God’s creatures and share them with you here.


35 thoughts on “Sexiest men ever

  1. oh my God dia berani pasang mas nunu di sini!! *buka kancing baju* Marlon Brando dulu cakepnya memang ih cakep bgt cuma pas tua nya, duh gede bgt badan nyaaa! Aku pun nge-fans sama Christian Bale sejak dia masih jadi aktor cilik. Selain mas nunu aku pun meleleh setiap liat Michael Fassbender dan Clive Owen, mendadak hilang ingatan gt…ga inget punya laki maksud nya hahaha.

    • Berani dong Pie ha…ha….Keanu ticked! Ah iya, Clive Owen kelewatan. Suka suaranya ….Christian Bale was cute as a child actor, sexy as hell as Batman & impressive as a method actor. Gotta love him.

  2. dari dulu, aku ngefans sama pierce brosnan, mbak.
    Haha, iya. si james bond ituuu…
    Tapi makin kesini doski makin jarang main film, huhu.. Btw, suka juga sama keanu (siapa yg nggak? ๐Ÿ™‚ ) dan mariii tunggu si Ronin itu tayang… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Ha….ha…Colson ๐Ÿ™‚ Jeanne Moreau is sexy & chic without being cheap. Another sexy & chic French ladies: Catherine Deneuve & Juliette Binoche.

      Especially for you I will share my own picks of sexiest women alive ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. richard gere gak suka mba Yo? aku kalo aktor tuek suka yang Harrison Ford dan masih suka nonton Indiana Jones dari yang pertama sampai yang terbaru berkali2 dengan si Matt hehe, Bruce willis juga suka terutama setelah dia cerai dengan demi, James Dean and marlon brando juga suka trus juga suka Clark Gable gara2 main di gone with the wind, kayaknya disitu gimana gitu hahaha.

  4. Ini pria-pria yang makin berumur makin bikin gimanaaaaaa gitu ngeliatnya yaa Mba hihihihi… Tapiii, tetep seh aku pilih bang Adam Levine *lovestruck* hahahaha

  5. Sexiest man versi aku : Pep Guardiola (mantan pelatih Barcelona, sekarang ngelatih di Bayern), Andy Garcia, Victor Valdes (kiper Barcelona), Jude Law, dan……salah satu temenku sendiri…..*uhukkkk* :p

  6. Hugh Jackman!!! Sukakk bangett..Bener kata Mba Yo, dia kek sayang bgt ma istrinya. ๐Ÿ˜€ Wktu itu nonton Kimchi Chronicles pas ada dia ma istrinya.. Uhh.. Mesra bangett ๐Ÿ˜€ trus keliatan natural banget ๐Ÿ˜€

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