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Dolce far niente

Last week I shot some pics in the city park during my lunch break. I was lucky cause it was the last time the sun shone. This typical autumn weather (dark, windy and wet) will stay untill winter comes in 6 weeks from now.



This time of the year I mostly long for hearty, autumn meals which I indeed take. However for some reason I am now craving for this divine seafood at Jimbaran Bay, Bali (pic taken from summer holiday in Bali last year).


Perhaps this is homesick, easily triggered by Julia Roberts’ Eat, Pray, Love movie which is on tv now. Amazing how the brain works, hey! Why oh why is my homesick dominated by food?

After a tiring working day, on my least favorite day of the week, I just want to relax, doing nothing. Enjoying Dolce far niente: the art of doing nothing as Elizabeth Gilbert wrote in her book.

But wait! Before doing so I need to find a distraction from that seafood thing. Can’t think of one right now. Ah, dreaming about food wouldn’t be awkward, would it?


4 thoughts on “Dolce far niente

  1. Haha, jadi… homesick apa foodsick ini, mbaaakk..? 😉
    Eh tapi, itu kan emang sepaket, yes? Jadi nggak papa, kooookk… hihi…
    Kapan rencana mudik terdekat, mbak?

  2. Itu danau yah mbak? cakepp bangett tempatnyaa 😀 Iya yah, homesick atau foodsick? hehe.. Tapi kalo kangen indo emang paling kangen makanannya..hehe..

    • Iya, danau ditaman kota yang gede banget. Homesick itu untuk aku kangen makanan & gunung! Belanda negara yang rata. Yang orang sini sebut gunung, tingginya cuma 120 meter. Di Indonesia itu sih bukit ya 😉

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