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Relativity theory

No, I don’t want to write about Einstein’s theory of relativity nor I want to write about Relativism cause I am no scientist/thinker. What I do want to share here is how to apply relativity in seeing things.

Inspired by various quotes which are easily to find on the web, I managed to list down my observations.

love yourself – narcisstic
To be able to love someone, we must love ourselves first. This is a positive note which I agree. However, the dose of self love could turn to be too much. When this happens, then you’d only love yourself. There would be no room for anyone else. This is sadly visible in our daily life, online and offline. How many of us don’t know someone who posts only selfies on social networks. Or people who try to turn each conversation to their favorite subject, talking about themselves?

think big – fall down
A peptalk is sometimes needed to achieve goals which seem impossible to reach. Think big, you can do it! The risk is when this becomes a habit. By always telling yourself you can do it, chances are you’d lift yourself to some extent which allow you to reach the goal or you’d lose contact with yourself. When this occurs you are confronted that you are only human with your own limitations. Afterwards the fall would come hard and the reality that follows, sucks. Big time.

stay humble – misacknowledged
By stay humble I mean sincerely humble not humble brag of course. Staying humble is common in countries where We culture dominates. The features of We culture are: mostly in eastern part of the world, collective norms and values (everything for the group in negative or positive way), obedience to group’s values. When one of the values emphasizes it is important to stay humble, then one stays and acts humble. This is not necessary though. Sometimes it even gets in a way. Imagine: if we are not supposed to be proud of our achievements for which we have worked hard, who would acknowledge them?

This post is me rambling on a lazy, dark autumn Saturday morning. Rereading this now for grammar and spelling correction I truly am aware that those points discussed above overlap each other. The summary of my own relativity theory is: in all things we do, try to find a balance. Even good things will turn bad when they tend to be too much.

Have a nice week end!

12 thoughts on “Relativity theory

  1. hi hi.. kayanya aku salah satunya yang suka nulis hal-hal seputaran diriku sendiri deh…. mengenai apa-apa yang menarik perhatianku saja… he he…Mungkin I love myself too much.. but I do love other people too..he he..* ngeles*.

    But I agree with you..anything that too much sebenarnya ngga bagus juga ya. Tulisan ini bagus buat ngingetin aku yang kadang-kadang emang kebablasan..Thanks Lorraine..

  2. Mbak, aku sukaaaaa bgt foto2 sendiri, trus pamer.. eh.. share.. eh, pamer… di socmed. 😆
    Tapi.. aku suka juga kok, foto2in anak2.. juga bapaknya. Jadi.. masih tolerable, kan? Hihihi…

    • Tapi kamu kan ngga tiap hari posting 5x foto diri sendiri Fit? Ada temen SMPku begini, dia mau add aku di Path tapi ngga aku terima karena di FB & IGnya hanya foto dia aja, bosen. Aku tau lah mukanya dia kaya apa, dari semua sudut he…he…

      • haha, setiap hari juga nggak sih, mbak. Habisan stok jilbabku kurang dong, kalo musti pamer foto tiap hari.. huahaha.. *jadi itu alasannya* 😆
        Ish, mbak Yo sadis ya, sama temen SMP sendiri.. hahaha..

        • Ha..ha..kan bisa diphotoshop jilbabnya. Biarlah Fit aku jahat daripada accept dia dan tiap hari ngomel liat dia posting selfie 5x tapi ngga pernah interaksi sama orang lain. Males lah gw, sorry jadi curcol ha…ha…

    • Seperti jawaban aku untuk Dani disini, blogger memang kan berbagi pengalaman/pengamatan sendiri online Non. Kalo nulisnya asik dan dilihat dari sudut pandang yang bervariasi ya enak aja bacanya :-).

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