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Trivia of the week

The definition of Trivia according to dictionaries is

unimportant, trifling things or details, especially obscure and useless knowledge.

Yesterday I had to hold a presentation of one of two major projects I have been working on the past two months. I stepped into my office and my female colleagues noticed this.


Each time there is a ladder on my stockings I feel bad towards mother earth. Stockings are made from Nylon and Nylon is a synthetic fabric which is mostly not environmental friendly.

No matter what the price is, Nylon stockings have a short cyclus. I had bought Stockings in a price range from € 1 to € 15 a pair but I wear them only for 3 – 4 times (the sheer version 15 – 20 Denier). After that a ladder would occur. Being a huge Stockings user is my sin against my intention to live green. I can’t help it that I love to wear skirts and dresses even when it gets cold like now, can I? The temperature sets around 4 degree Celsius in the morning to 12 degree Celsius in the afternoon these days.

About the ladder yesterday? Luckily my office is located in the city centre. I rushed to a shop and bought a three pack 20 denier Nylon stockings in graphite. The presentation went smooth and was received very well. I was more than happy of course.

I left the two other pairs of Stockings in the package in my cupboard at the office perhaps I might need them.

For now I just want to enjoy my tranquil week-end with a quality time with G, my daughter and my husband.

Bon weekend à tous!


6 thoughts on “Trivia of the week

  1. Thank you. This reminds me why I should be happy to have been born a male person: never ever had to worry about ladders :))).

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Kalo mo awet pake aja stoking antivarises, tebel banget nggak gampang rusak dan bagus buat kaki, cuman puanaaaasss..ha.ha.ha.

    • Disini juga ada stockings anti varises cuma ngga bagus (bahannya tebel, kasar dan warnanya warna kulit).

      Stockings biasa kan justru dipilih karena ngga begitu tebel dan ada yang mat & sheer bahannya.

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