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I have been busy lately. My sincere excuse for not posting anything since 18 September. There are major projects at work I have been working on the past two months, they are approaching the deadline. Then there were social functions I had to attend. This tight offline schedule resulted in a Twitter hiatus for a week.

Gloria the movie
Tonight I went to the cinema with friends from Spanish conversation class. We saw Gloria, a Chilean Spanish indie movie with Paulina García. She won Silver Bear award at Berlin Film Festival this year. The film has been selected as the Chilean entry for Best Foreign Language Film for the Academy Awards next year.

The story is about a carefree woman in her late fifties. It is refreshing to see a non Hollywood movie. It’s like peeping into someone’s life. It could be your neighbour’s. The cast is normal people like you and me. Not everyone is beautiful which makes the movie interesting to watch.

The song I share above is in the movie. It’s called Agua de Março from Elis Regina and Antonio Carlos (Tom) Jobim. This soothing song, going to the cinema with friends and grabbing a drink afterwards, has helped as a booster for me. I have been recharged again after the exhausting past weeks.

By the way, The draft of the second Mata Hari post is waiting to be published. I need to put finishing touches in it.

Stay tuned y hasta la vista, pronto!


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