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Dutch Soul

Bo Saris aka Boris is one of my favourite Dutch singers. This man can sing. He won Idols in 2004. After 3 so so poppy albums he refound his groove as soulsinger last year. Along with his rebirth as a singer and due to practical reason he changed his name from Boris to Bo Saris. Last year he released this song: She’s on fire.

Spreading his music online Bo Saris launched his newest single The Addict last week. Now I eagerly wait for his album. He sings using the falsetto technique which can be tiring but he just pulls this off. For Indonesian readers, Bo Saris’ father is Moluccan hence the family name Titulaer.

Bo Saris has been inspired by soul legends as Sam Cooke (the man in a suit on She’s on Fire clip above), Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Otis Redding and more recent singers and musicians like Prince TAFKAP and Michael Jackson.

I have been to several of his concerts. His performance live is excellent. It has good vibe and interaction. And that voice? Funky sexy soul!

I leave you with his unplugged version of Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Dutch Soul

  1. Aku juga suka ama dia. Suaranya itu loo..dulu ngikutin dia pas diidol 🙂 sayang dibelanda untuk kategori music dia kurang berkena dipendengar londo

    • Karena Boris musiknya ngga ngikutin selera pasar yang poppy, hap klaar weg gitu makanya ngga ngetop lagi di NL kecuali untuk fan setianya seperti kita-kita ini.

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