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Kandura Keramik

Last month when I was in Indonesia, I visited Kandura Keramik in Bandung, West – Java. Kandura Keramik is a ceramic studio producing design table ware, accesoires and souvenirs. Ghia, one of the founders/owners/designers is my sister’s friend. When I was there Ghia toured me around Kandura atelier.

Kandura Keramik logo

Kandura products are unique. The studio located at North Bandung is big and bright. Daylight is easily found here. There is an office upstairs where all 4 dedicated and passionate designers work on their concept and design. On the basement there are rooms for molding and testing new design. In the production area there is a big oven to bake the products, store place for drying and shipping.

This ceramic studio participated in various national and international exhibitions such as Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Valencia Designboom Mart 2010 in Spain, ABC shop Art Stage Singapore 2012 and Designer’s Block in the 2012 London Design Festival. And Kandura is still expanding its businesses by offering integrally conceptual design in their products.

Kandura Keramik Bandung

Forming the ceramic


Finishing touch

New design Kandura Keramik


Kandura Keramik Bandung

Accesoires Kandura Keramik

Kandura Keramik Bandung

Mug Kandura Keramik Bandung

Table ware set Kandura Keramik

Thank you Ghia for being such a good host. Good luck Kandura Keramik, Keep making those beautiful products.

Kandura Keramik
Jl. Cigadung Raya Barat no.20K
Bandung 40191
Phone : +6222 250 6587

6 thoughts on “Kandura Keramik

  1. hi kak lorraine salam kenal..
    lucu bngt yang gelas keramik ada holder alphabet.nyaa.. hehe.
    mahal2 ga yah disana? bisa beli satuan?
    maaf nanya kyk situ yg jualan. ahahha

    • Hi Jen,

      Salam kenal juga. Kandura Keramik ini lokasinya di Bandung. Bisa beli online karena Kandura shipping ke luar negri kok. Bisa beli satuan. Harganya 1 mug antara Rp 150.000 – Rp 200.000. Mungkin agak mahal tapi ini kan design. Mug yang ada holder alphabetnya itu memang Kandura’s bestselling product 🙂 Ngga apa-apa kok nanya, kebetulan aku tahu. Makasih udah mampir disini ya Jen.

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