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Fingers crossed

My two weeks visit in Indonesia was one of the most intensive time I have had. I cried again during transit at Abu Dhabi Airport on my way back to The Netherlands. It felt good to have visited her though. Let’s say it is 80% happiness of being together and 20% sadness of not knowing what might come.

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My other two sisters were there too the whole time. It was just like good old days when we still lived with our parents. My sick sister, Nana, had and still has some good and bad days. I found out there that she has refused to undergo chemotherapy as she believes chemotherapy kills her good cells together with the cancer cells. Instead she takes her herbal drink and other natural medication on time. Although we want her to get better, who are we to push her to undergo chemotherapy? It is her body and she decides about it herself, right? I just don’t want her to suffer from pain so much.

Nana has a strong faith. Sometimes it seemed like she was not aware that she was sick. She still wanted to do all things by herself although her body was weak from time to time. She told me she didn’t like to be a burden for us. My family and I convinced her we were there to help her. After all, that is family is about, isn’t it?

It is difficult to decide what to share or not here as it is not about me but her. However the support I have been receiving has been overwhelming. So I carefully choose what I write here to inform you about her condition. She is now wearing a vest containing electro fields, a technology founded by an Indonesian doctor, dr Warsito P. Taruno based in Tangerang. He invented this to cure his sister who also had breast cancer stage 4. After 1 month wearing it, his sister got better. Nana has been using this for a month. The progress is there, very little but we keep our fingers crossed!

CTECH Labs Edwar Technology
Jl Jalur sutra Kav Spectra 23C nr 10-11
Alam Sutra
tel 021 – 2931 48613 (by appointment only)


19 thoughts on “Fingers crossed

  1. Wow. There’s such vest?! That’s revolutionary. I think this is the first time i heard about the vest. This is a very useful info, Lor. Thank you 🙂
    I wish your sister the very best and I really hope she will get better. She will. 🙂 because like you mentionex, she has a very strong faith and what I know is… Faith can move mountains. 🙂

  2. Als ik me iets kan goed voorstellen is het je terughoudendheid in zo’n spannende en droeve particuliere zaak.

    Ik wens jou en je familie veel sterkte. En vooral je zuster het beste.

    • Dank je wel. Het ergste is we weten niet hoelang ze nog heeft. Daarnaast weet ik uit ervaring dat kanker een sluipmoordenaar is. Het ene moment voelt de patiënt zich goed, de volgende dag …

  3. Yen, semoga Allah SWT memberikan Nana kekuatan dan kesembuhan dan segala kebaikan untuk Nana. Juga semoga seluruh keluarga diberikan juga kekuatan dan ketabahan.
    Sterkte Yen…

  4. Mbak, aku baru baca postingan ini.
    September lalu aku hadir pas presentasi Pak Warsito di Den Haag, waktu ada International Conference on Indonesian Development. Beliau nggak hanya cerdas tapi punya kepedulian yg tinggi. Amazed banget denger cerita ttg penemuannya dan bagaimana dia berusaha agar produk2 itu bisa bermanfaat utk orang banyak. Semoga Tuhan memberikan kesembuhan untuk kakak (atau adik?) Mbak Yoyen ya. Amin.

    • Adikku yang sakit Cha. Wah Dr Warsito September lalu ke Den Haag? Kalo tau & bisa aku mau deh dateng. Sejauh ini adikku agak membaik, tapi masih panjang & lama prosesnya karena kankernya sudah stadium 4.

      Makasih ya.

  5. Mbak Lorraine, i was googling about Dr. Warsito, and suddenly i found your blog, saya punya tante yang mengalami kanker stadium 4, saya sedang cari info mengenai alat ini, dan artikel ini sangat membantu, semoga adik mbak diberikan kesembuhan ya. Terimakasih.

    • Mudah-mudahan bisa membantu ya Tisa. Adikku sudah meninggal 14 Desember lalu.

      Btw, Kamu Tisa Kandura Keramik Bandung ya? Kalo betul, kita pernah ketemu. Aku sempet main ke Kandura Juli tahun lalu, aku kakaknya temennya Ghia.

      Actually I wrote about Kandura somewhere in August last year, bisa dibaca disini.

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