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Wish her luck!

Please, wish my sister all the luck in the world to survive her disease. She suffers from breastcancer stage 4 and found it out just weeks ago. And I am now on my way to Indonesia to support and comfort her the best I can.
I am writing this post in Abu Dhabi International Airport now while waiting for my connection flight to Jakarta. I just can’t help this feeling I have been having after I heard the news, gutted. Why her, why wasn’t it discovered in earlier stage and why our family again.

This is one of the nightmares I have being an immigrant living abroad. When their loved ones are sick or passed away, they need to get home.

All I want to do is to make fondly memories of her while I am there the next two weeks. I need to hold her hand when she is in pain. I want to take care of her when she throws up. And I will cook for her when her appetite is there. I refuse to think this would be the last time I would see her alive. Please wish her all the luck in the world during her battle against this yet incurable disease. Thank you.

Update 14 July 2013

I arrived in Jakarta safely. My sister is doing fine under such circumstances she is in. She has bad and good moments. It feels good to be here. I didn’t expect the pouring support I received from my friends here on the blogosphere, on Twitter and any other social media accounts I maintain. From the bottom of my heart I offer you my genuine and deep thanks.

24 thoughts on “Wish her luck!

  1. Yoyen, I will keep her in my prayers!! My sister was diagnosed with cancer last year at the age of 43 yrs old and she is recovering now. Be strong for her, your other siblings and especially for your mom.

      • My sister actually has a good oncologyst and it was recomended by my in law who is a physician. Let me know if you need any info. I wish your sister best of luck and hope the outcome will be what we hope for. Je t’embrasse fort!!! Biz!

  2. Very, very sad news. Really hope she will manage to keep on fighting and winning. For sure you’re presence will be a huge support and great comfort.

  3. Lorraine,
    This is a very sad news and already I had this shiver in my heart. I can’t imagine how much pain you are in now. All I can do now is to mention your sister in my prayer. I believe that relationship between sisters is beyond life and death. You are a strong person and I believe so is your sister.
    I wish her and you all the lucks in the world. For the life lived to the fullest is more memorable and meaningful than even the longest life.
    She’s going to be fine… as she has you as her sister. =’)

    • Hi May, Thank you. It feels good to be here with her and she appreciates it so much. We stick together as a family and support her. Actually, how sad it is, this makes our bond stronger as sisters. We are now together for a couple of days shaping memories to hold on to.

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