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Congrats (gefeliciteerd)! My daughter finished her elementary school.


This past week Giulia (pronounce as Julia, it’s Italian spelling) has been a busy bee. From Friday the 21 until Tuesday the 25 she performed in a school musical three evenings in a row. It is a tradition in Dutch elementary schools for departing 8 graders to present a school musical. Repetitions began in May after the end exams. The kids did the decor, poster all by themselves. The teachers and a number of parents helped them during the repetitions and at performing days. I helped as a hairdresser and make up artist.

Last Tuesday the school musical show was especially only for the parents and the pupils. Afterwards there was an after party with disco time! It was fun to dance with her. The DJ mixed songs of Rihanna with ABBA, Jesse J with Grease. Everybody was dancing and enjoying the party.

On Wednesday morning 8 graders who finished the school were waved goodbye by all teachers. They did it in an unforgettable way: a firefighter van splashed its water softly on the kids. It was a fun mess! That evening G had a BBQ party from her classmate in our neighbourhood. Last night (Friday) G had her latest class party on a stable. Little Missy is very tired but content that all went well.

Now she is happy but at the same time curious about the junior high. 2 weeks ago she followed a trial lesson at her new high school. She got an overview of necessities to purchase. Also there was one part about bullying. The school does not tolerate any kind of bullying (online, offline, verbal and non-verbal). My husband and I gave her some tips how to deal with the bullies. We don’t want to be overprotective parents as most of the things she has to figure out herself.


My husband gave this bouquet to G. Beautiful, isn’t it?

How cliché it might sound but time really flies. It seems like yesterday when I brought her to her first school day when she was 4. I got watery eyes back then as that tiny little girl had to attend school from 8.30 am to 3.30 pm. Now she is ready for the junior high. Good luck with that!


10 thoughts on “Gefeliciteerd!

  1. OHMYGOD how awesome!!!!!!!!!
    She’s so pretty and did a musical!!! =)
    Always wanted the mother and daughter relationship that would tell each other everything. Bet that’s what you have with G.
    Happy birthday awesome kid! Junior high will be a blast! You’re gonna love it!

  2. Ook mijn felicitaties:). En natuurlijk wens ik je prachtige dochter een geweldige vakantie.

    Een tikkie melancholie vanwege het verlaten van de basisschool en spanning vanwege het onbekende van de brugklas, komt er natuurlijk ook aan te pas. Yet I agree with ‘the sanguine’: Junior high will be a blast! You’re gonna love it!

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