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Happy Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day. Like Mother’s Day, children and spouses show their love today with breakfast in bed, gifts and cards. My daughter will prepare a Father’s Day lunch for her dad. Why lunch? Because he is now (I’m writing this in the morning) playing his weekly soccer tournament. He can’t play soccer with a full tummy.


Forgotten fathers
My heart goes out to fathers who can’t celebrate this with their loved-ones. I think of divorced fathers who are in the middle of custody battle and haven’t been able to see their children for a while, working fathers away from home trying to provide their family a good life & and sick fathers may they get well soon.

My father
I was blessed having a good father. He was there when I needed him. He shared us his love for art, music, pride of where he came from & respect for others. Although he passed away 14 years ago, his memories stay.

One advice from my father I won’t forget “Wear a decent underwear when you go out”. He gave me this advice when I started going out at night. I asked him why, he answered he once went out when he was young. A car before his had an accident, so he and his mates helped the 4 girls in that car. 3 of them didn’t wear underwear! He said it was not only embarassing but also degrading.

My husband, G’s father
I am also grateful for my husband being a good father to our daughter. He is a firm, consequent and dotting dad. After our daughter was born he took a paternal leave a year long. 2 days a week he took care of her. They have a strong bond now which I appreciate so much. That same bond I also had with my dad.


Fatherhood is not easy
It seems banal perhaps to some but not everyone has a strong bond with his/her father. In some culture it is considered not done for fathers to show their affection to their children. They must stay firm & reserved. They can’t help it as their fathers didn’t show them the affection either. They just don’t know how.

Abusive fathers, both physically and verbally. For these fathers there is no explanation needed.

In some families there are fathers who earn this title only by their biological contribution, I mean they are not physically present. The latter is a pity because fathers should be their children’s compass.


While mothers just simply want their children to be happy, fathers are driven by the thought of providing his children a good life. Then, if this is achieved they believe that their children will be happy.

This is my note on this Father’s Day and my attempt to be more personal by sharing stories about my family.

To all fathers out there: Happy Father’s Day!

8 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

    • Setahuku di Indonesia ngga ada deh secara resmi. Ngga tahu kalo sekarang Father’s Day dari barat diimport kesitu. Kalo hari Ibu secara resmi di Indonesia kan ada ya, tanggal 22 Desember.

    • Terima kasih Non. Ini di Denon Wing, Musée du Louvre Paris. Aku seneng motret mereka berdua dari belakang, so sweet 🙂

    • Terima kasih Wita. Sering kangen sama orang yang udah meninggal itu bikin nelangsa ya, antara sedih & pilu 😦 Ah yang penting kenangannya masih kita ingat. Salam kenal balik & terima kasih follownya.

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