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This month is the 9th anniversary of this blog, my online home. I have been blogging from 2004 in Friendster. A year later somewhere in June I switched to blogspot (the Friendster blogposts were unfortunately not migrated) hence the established date of this blog. In October 2008 I began blogging here in WordPress.


I have managed to maintain my home here the best I could sharing things I find worth reading to you my dear readers. Recently I have been wondering about this blog. Which subjects I should explore more. As this blog is my online journal I have been sharing what I experience here, my thoughts and my dreams. Deliberately I have written limited information about my family and hardly about my job. However I feel the need to be more personal without revealing it all as I am a rather private person.

Which direction I choose, you will see.

And of course I thank you all my followers, readers, commenters and likers for the interaction. Cheers!

4 thoughts on “Crossroad

  1. While staying young yourself you’ve reached a remarkable bloggers’ age.. Congratulations.

    Thanks for your many years of informative articles. I’m looking forward to next eight years .

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