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Roof garden

Imagine a pop up garden on the top of a city parking lot! This is an exact description of Roof garden Arnhem.

Chilling in the city
Roof garden Arnhem is a temporary (pop up) roof terrace, lounge, cafe and city garden altogether. Mixed with good music, delicious food, tasty drinks and fabulous vibe the first edition last year was a success. This year’s edition has two locations. It opens on 16 June to 27 June on the top of Velperpoort parking lot. On 28 June the event organizer will move the props and equipments to the second location. They will do this Dutch way: by bike! From 29 June to 21 July Roof Garden Arnhem will settle on the top of the parking lot at Langstraat.

The package
The concept is green, urban and cultural. It provides various activities such as: Yoga class, silent disco, silent open air cinema and workshops for kids. Roof garden Arnhem also offers local food specialties. This sympathetic initiative builts the venue with recycled material.

I went there last year to unwind after work as it was only 10 minutes walk from my office. It was refreshing to visit the garden because of the relax atmosphere, the unusual location and the music. I loved it and can hardly wait to come again!

The clip above is a compilation of last year’s highlights.

PS All information provided by the organizer is in Dutch.


5 thoughts on “Roof garden

  1. It’s an original concept and obviously ( vimeo) much fun. I wonder though whether the Roof Garden really is my idea of a garden :).

  2. The idea is really genius! It’s urban, modern, creative, very innovative and sustainable. And it looks so gezellig!duh sukaaa bgt sama konsep2 yg asik kayak gini…Just like a couple of days ago there was an initiative for creating totally new dishes out of leftovers. And the profits were donated to some charities.

    • Betul, feel good projects reflect there are still good people out there. Aku suka karena urban karakternya, berhubung semakin sedikit daerah hijau dikota, why not create one? Bahkan walaupun cuma sementara.

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