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Knowing the risks

Angelina Jolie’s preventive double mastectomy dominated the news yesterday. By sharing it she intends to raise awareness about the disease which was quite succesful.


Miss Jolie’s risks of getting breast cancer has shrunk to 5% after the treatment. In her post she stated her risks were 87% if she wouldn’t do nothing about it. A friend of mine, Richard Brohet, did research about this. I attended his defense on ‘Cancer risks and modifiers of risks in BRCA families’ on 27 February this year in Universiteit van Amsterdam. The conclusion of his research is that the high risks (60 % – 80%) defined before his research among Dutch women carrying BRCA gen has decreased to 45%. Richard (geneticist epidemiologist) also points there are many other factors influencing the BRCA gen’s development such as hereditary, hormonal and lifestyle. I do hope his method can be used in other countries so that many people would get better (preventive) treatments like miss Jolie did.


Breast cancer awareness
Long term readers of this blog know I had posted my thoughts about breast cancer from 2008 – 2010. In the first post you’ll find why I supported Pink Ribbon. Look at the comment section, last commenter, Sima was a terminal breast cancer patient. She passed away in January 2012. RIP Sima.

Through my annual breast cancer posts in 2009 and 2010 I reviewed and shared the content of Pink Ribbon magazine. Although I don’t support Dutch Pink Ribbon anymore due to financial scandal it was involved with in 2011, I still want to share my thoughts about breast cancer so people will know the risks.


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