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Unconditional love

I have been spoiled to the bones by my daughter today at Mother’s Day. This morning she stood by my bed with a menu card for breakfast. I chose for caramelised banana and yoghurt along with a cup of tea. She prepared the breakfast herself. On the breakfast table she gave me the presents (a cook book, a pot of candies and a shopper) and a card.


Mother’s Day was born from an idea to show mothers the appreciation of what they do to their children. Being a mother myself, I don’t find motherhood that special knowing there were other mothers before me who did the same or even way much better. Ok, before I receive disagreements about this statement, what I really mean about ‘I don’t find motherhood that special’ is that mothers just do it. From the moment they know they are expecting a child, giving birth, raising and nurturing a child, it goes as it goes. Mothers don’t do all these things seeking for an acknowledgement. It is an unconditional love that keeps them doing their 24 non-stop job. Mothers just want their children to be happy, that’s all.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!


8 thoughts on “Unconditional love

  1. Real happiness is when ( unconditional) love is reciprocal. Especially love between mothers ( and fathers by the way) and children.

    So there’s no denying: you’re a happy mother :).

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