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Welcoming WA

After 123 years The Netherlands have a king again. Today Queen Beatrix abdicated and left the throne to her son, Willem-Allexander. His name is not Willem or Alexander but Willem-Alexander written altogether, hence shorted as WA.


The first official picture of King Willem-Alexander with his Argentinian born wife, Queen Máxima.


Here is a picture of Willem-Alexander, his wife and daughters on the balcony of the Dam palace in Amsterdam few moments after he signed his mother’s abdication act. His oldest daughter, princess Catharina-Amalia has become the new Dutch crown princess. It was the first time for the little princesses to appear in public except the annual photo session with the photographers.


Modern king
In his acceptance speech during his crowning in Nieuwkerk today, Willem-Alexander stated to wanting to be a modern king. Fulfilling his tasks as a king he strives to mutual trust between Dutch people and him by serving the democracy. In a television interview with his wife 3 weeks ago When or if Dutch parliament decides to change his role to a ceremonial one, he would not mind.

Having living in The Netherlands for 18 years I see the Dutch royal family (Oranje clan) as a symbol of unity. There are of course people who prefer a republic but most Dutchies love the Oranje like they showed today during the crowning.

PS First pic is a souvenir I bought for my daughter, a cookie tin box from a well-known Dutch cookie brand, Verkade.

4 thoughts on “Welcoming WA

  1. Though I’m not an active republican I can’t stop wondering how a hereditary head-of-state position fits in with a genuine democracy (the new King promises to serve)..

    • I don’t know either Colson. I only wrote his speech 🙂 I am not a royalist nor a republican. When I see royal families I twonder who did their ancestors thought they were, claiming to be a royal? On the other hand I don’t mind royal family being a symbol to keep the nation united. Didn’t know what Beatrix really did and wonder how Willem-Alexander will so it as the people are now getting more critical.

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