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Sunny Amsterdam meeting

Today I had a pleasure of meeting two fellow Indonesian bloggers: Teppy (left) and Oppie (right)


The bloggers
Teppy comes from Jakarta and is on holiday in Europe now. She travels around to some cities in The Netherlands, Germany, The UK, Spain, Italy and Belgium. I started following Teppy on Twitter 1,5 years ago after someone we both knew mentioned our names in a tweet. Reading her blog The Freaky Teppy, I found out she fell in love with The Netherlands and anything Dutch related 🙂 Her posts are entertaining, funny and witty. Give her a visit and you get what I mean.

I have known Oppie for two years now. She lives somewhere near Amsterdam. We share mutual interests and visit each other’s blog regularly but have never met before. Oppie knows Teppy also and she joined us today. Oppie shares her stories on her Bucket of Cherries. Her threads show how she lives her life in The Netherlands.

The meeting
It was fun hanging out with the ladies in packed Amsterdam. The city is busy preparing itself for the crowning of the new king next Tuesday. Firstly, we went for a lunch to New King restaurant at Zeedijk, Chinatown. After that we strolled through the red light district, De Wallen and ended up at the obligatory Dam Square. The sun shone abundantly as you see on the pic.


After The Dam we decided to grab a coffee. Through the small Amsterdam alleys and paying good attention to the bikers on the bikelane, we walked to Rokin area. Both Oppie and I wanted to take Teppy to places where the locals hang out. Our choice was Café De Jaren on a canal at Rokin. We had a table on a terrace. With 12 degree Celsius it was chilly in the shadow but we stayed for a while and took many pics of course.





Time flies when you are having fun. So it did during our meeting. Oppie and I waved Teppy good bye at De Spui where she went to another appointment. Thank you both for a wonderful day. Teppy, have a good, memorable holiday. Oppie, I’ll see you again, soon!

PS: for first timers in The Netherlands. If you want to drink some coffee go to a Café not a coffee shop as you will only find soft drugs (weed, paddo and stuffs) there.


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