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Never ending winter

This winter has been a long, cold and snowy one in The Netherlands. Compared to traditionally snowy places/countries like north Canada, Swiss, Russia and Nordic countries where the winter could be 5 – 7 months long, it is of course peanuts but people here have had enough of the winter, including me.


Snowy season
According to statistics snow fell each month this winter, December up to March. This is not what we are used to (anymore). Ok, the extremely low temperatures (-6 degree Celsius during the day and -14 degree Celsius at night) have occurred more frequently the past 5 – 6 years but the winter was short. The first snow fall and snow storm this winter was on 7 December 2012. I took the following two pics with my cell and uploaded them on my instagram account.

Parked bikes downtown Arnhem

Snowy scenery in front of my office

Snowy landscape is beautiful indeed. Friends and families in Indonesia like my snow pictures. I try not to spoil the fun but snow is pretty and well expected only for a White Christmas. My husband doesn’t agree since he loves to go skiing with his friends in Austria mostly in February. When it snows, stock and pile as much food as you could. It would be unbearable lacking sugar for your coffee and you need to go out in the snow only for a pack of it, wouldn’t it?


Comfort above style
Due to strong winter 3 years ago I finally bought snow boots, the ones with thick soles and many grips beneath. Actually I love to wear elegant stiletto boots and pumps, so these casual snow boots are not my style. The purchase was an emergency because when the snow starts to melt the road would be the slippery. And I am rather clumsy, I have slipped so many times on the icy road and my husband has had enough of it. So he persuaded me to buy the snow boots. Surprisingly the snow boots are comfortably warm and they keep me from slipping or falling so I wear them gladly.


Late March snow
Today, 23 March 2013, 5 cm snow is expected in The Netherlands by the weather forecast. It is unbelievable, exactly a year ago I went to Antwerp, Belgium (see pics below) and enjoyed the sunny weather at 22 degree Celsius. So this afternoon snow will fall. No matter how much I long for spring (I feel like wearing light dresses, skirts and stilettos) we can’t control the weather.




4 thoughts on “Never ending winter

    • Yes, het is koud, heel erg koud met de snijdende Noordoostenwind. You long for a beer, I can hardly wait the first sunny day when I am able to wear a light dress without stockings.

  1. Melihat langit kelabu dan salju2 gini jadi ingetnya pingin meluk heater atw mlungker dibawah duvet, tapi rindu juga ketika melihat matahari terlalu terik di langit biru Semarang. Bener mbak Yo, utamakan kenyamanan diatas style dulu, aku dulu nekat tetep pake sneakers dan rasanya kaki ini mak nyesss…

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