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Wonderful Indonesia

The reason I went to Berlin last week-end was to visit my sister and her husband who worked there at the ITB 2013 the world’s leading travel trade show. The exhibition took place from 6 to 10 March. From 6 -8 March it was only accessible for trade and business, public opening was at 9 and 10 March. I went there at 9 March with my husband and in-laws.


wonderful indonesia

Indonesia was ITB’s official partner country this year. Indonesian president Yudhoyono and German chancellor Angela Merkel opened this event at 6 March. It was an excellent show with sitting dinner for 5000 guests. According to my sister who was responsible for all performers (artists, musicians and dancers), the guests stayed late at the venue due to the ambiance and succesful show.

In the film above you see Saman Dance from Aceh. This dance is originally only performed by men. Those Saman dancers come from Aceh. At the end of the film there is Kecak dance (Monkey dance) from Bali. This one was special because music was played by Indonesian gamelan and Berlin orchestra after just 3 rehearsals together. You can imagine how my sister must have felt like when the opening ceremony and the show went smoothly, she was really relieved.

Banners Indonesia ITB Berlin 2013

Starting from 7 March there were shows in the main stage and in front of the Indonesia Pavillion. My brother-in-law designed and built it (see pic below). It is a half of a Pinisi boat, originated from Makassar, South Sulawesi. Besides dance, music, massage, Pencak Silat (Indonesian martial art), free civet coffee and of course food, there was a fashion show of Batik at the main stage to attract visitors to come and see the pavilion.

Indonesian Pavillion ITB Berlin 2013

I did not have much time to see pavilions of other countries as the venue (ICC Messe, Berlin) was so huge. Indonesian pavilion was situated at the same hall 26a together with those of other South-East Asian countries like The Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Here are some pics I took.

Indonesian ladies in traditional costume ITB Berlin 2013

Wayang Puppet ITB Berlin 2013

Cute little girlThis cute little girl was the centre of attention at South-Korean Pavillion.

Peking Opera ActorPeking Opera actor at China Pavillion from the front.

Peking Opera actor at China Pavillion from the back.

On the way out I stumbled upon this impressive picture of Cappadocia in Turkish Pavillion.

My sister (left) and I

It was a special experience to see the presentation of Indonesia at ITB Berlin. As an ex traditional dancer myself I felt proud seeing how welcoming the visitors were to taste a bit of Indonesian culture. A bit more proud was I of my sister and her husband who were part of this.

So, have you been to my country? Bring it a visit as Indonesia has more to offer than Java and Bali.

PS The rest of the week-end I explored windy and cold Berlin.


6 thoughts on “Wonderful Indonesia

  1. Wat leuk zeg! Selamat yaaa buat adik en adik ipar nya..Adik aku tadinya jg mau dikirim kesana (karena perusahaan keluarga yg ngurusin media print nya) malah gagal dan di kirim ke Korsel & Hong Kong huhuhu padahal udah seneng bgt kirain bakalan ngumpul. ..wah bagus ya? meriah ga mbak?

    • Bagus banget Pie. Dimana-mana banner Indonesia karena official partner ya tahun ini. Tempatnya besar sekali, 10x lebih besar dari JCC. Aku cuma dihall negara-negara Asia Tenggara. Wah, sayang ya adiknya kamu ngga jadi kesini, kalo jadi kan seru kumpul-kumpul.

    • Memang di ITB Berlin jor joran kali ini. Yang saya tahu stand Indonesia selalu hadir di vakantiebeurs (bursa pariwisata Belanda) di Utrecht tiap bulan Januari. Yang saya suka di Berlin ini dinas pariwisata bukan hanya promosi Bali & Jawa tapi juga pulau lain.

  2. Wah big applause buat promosi wonderfull indonesianya mbak..
    saya suka konsepnya untuk tidak hanya mempromosikan jawa dan bali saja.
    semoga promosi wisata ini juga berlangsung di negara lainnya. ^_^

    • Yang promosi itu Dinas Pariwisata. Saya hanya nulis aja. Seru karena ketemu adik & ipar yang kerja disitu. Makasih udah mampir & follow blog ini 😉

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