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I still can’t believe why Intouchables was not nominated for Oscar this year for the best foreign language movie. One of the reasons this movie didn’t make it to Oscar is the racism in it which is ridiculous because the reality in French banlieues (suburbs) is tougher. There live third generations of low educated migrants from former French colonies with high unemployment and other social problems.


Now back to the movie. This is one of beautiful movies I have seen in 2012. Starting from March 2012 Intouchables has become a hit in The Netherlands. I actually saw it 4 times. The last time was with the whole family Riva during Christmas. My husband, daughter and I love this.

The story
Intouchables is about unconditional friendship. Based on the autobiography Le second souffle from Philippe Pozzo di Borgo this story tells a friendship between a rich, aristocratic Philippe and the raw, enfant du banlieue Driss. Philippe is a widower and paraplegic suffered from an accident during paragliding. Driss is an unemployed man from the suburbs. To be able to get state financial support Driss has to apply for a job. Philippe looks for a strong caretaker with no pity for him. So he hires Driss.

Despite their indifference they build a bond. Philippe teaches Driss to appreciate art, classical music and learns the etiquette. In his turn Driss shows Philippe how to have fun and to listen to his heart. The story has a happy ending in the movie and the real life.

What I think
In the real life Driss is not black but a Moroccan called Abdel Sellou. Perhaps the makers dramatize this on purpose I don’t know. Funny and touching scenes shot in amazing locations (impressive 18th century mansion in Paris and idyllic country side) accompanied by excellent soundtrack makes this a must see. The opening scene is brilliant! If I might advise you, watch this in French before Hollywood decides to do a remake.


8 thoughts on “Intouchables

  1. Can;’t but fully agree; Intouchables is one of the best feel-good movies ever and one of the best films in 2012. I share your amazement: “I still can’t believe why Intouchables was not nominated for Oscar “. To which I might add “I think its a shame “Amour” didn’t win” (To me Amour is really 2012 best movie and one of the best in our last decade) .

    But then the Oscars are an American party… or even an Hollywood party ( for members only:( )

    • Yeah, can’t take the academy that serious. There are many non English speaking movies which are worth to watch. I love Amour also. You know I can hardly stand the Hollywood remakes of succesful foreign language movies.

  2. I am really disappointed Intouchables did not even make to Oscar nominations, I mean WHY? I saw this movie twice and I love it so much & I also saw the interviews of the real Driss and Philippe 🙂 a couple of times in different TV channels. I agree with Colson. Oscars is for Hollywood consumption only. Enough said.

    There are many good movies out there but come on, the nominations kenapa itu lagi itu lagi. I also like amour but I got really depressed after I saw it and decided later on that it was not the right movie for me to see at that moment…anyhoo…Intouchables is een heerlijk film!!

    • Iya kan Pie? I mean Intouchables is a damn good movie & alasan rasisme difilm itu jadi batal nominasi kok agak lemah ya menurutku. Di USA sendiri juga ada rasisme kan? O, memang nonton Amour moodnya kalo ngga enak ya jadi kepikiran.

  3. I stumbled upon this post from your 30 days of movie challenge, I LOVE this movie and yes it is a pitty that it did not make the Oscar. Gua sampe berkali2 sewa movie ini di library, emotional banget nontonnya and Omar Sy was brilliant in the movie!! One of my favourite movie of all time.

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