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How high can you go?


This intriguing picture went viral last month. It was then picked up by traditional media where I stumbled upon. The maker, Rosea Posey is a student of graphic design in Vancouver, Canada. She did some research about which message the skirt length sends.

Like her I realise I have caught myself being judgemental by looking on the skirt length women/girls wear. My judgments begin by provocative length and up. I mean teen girls wearing cheeky and provocative skirt length are ok, but women my age? I’d rather see it individually. If you are an adult woman and have the legs, flaunt them! If not and you are eager to wear it anyway, put a nice opaque tights beneath it so people won’t see your wobbly knees.

Sadly this judgments live vividly in our society. Even here in The Netherlands which I consider as a progressive country. For meetings at work where I need to reach something I choose my clothes carefully. The hemline of my skirt should not be too short, not too much cleavage and a pair of decent pumps or boots. Why do I do this? Because I am damn aware of the judgments shown above. How do you think your colleagues would take you seriously as their equal if they are distracted by your skirt length? I state colleagues so the female ones are included as well. So yes, I do also take part of maintaining the judgements.

To judge or not to judge
Three years ago some acquaintances of mine defriended me on Facebook. I saw pictures of them on Facebook, partying with asking for it skirt length I could see their underwear! So I thought I was being a good acquaintance. I told them to consider deleting those pics because their in-laws, relatives & friends were on their friend list. They could see these (in my opinion) embarrassing pics, imagine how they would think. The girls got mad and deleted me. I was not sad about it. I took it as a sign we didn’t share the same values, I am being honest here folks. Now seeing this pic I wonder ‘Who am I to tell women how they should dress?’ I wonder how I would react if my 11 years old G would wear asking for it skirt length when she’s 15.

Skirt length theory
Did you know that there is a skirt length theory? According to hemline index by George Taylor in 1926 when women wear short skirt the economy is bullish/good, long/maxi skirt means bearish/bad for the economy. The last decades skirt length trends have fluctuated. We see women wear mini and maxi even ankle skirt but yet the economy crises in the EU has remained unsolved after nearly three years. So you understand that I don’t buy this hemline index.

pic courtesy of The Fiscal Times

Back to Rosey’s pic I have a last question, can anybody tell me the difference between slut and whore skirt length? Cause I can’t.


2 thoughts on “How high can you go?

  1. Well, a slut is amateur and whore is professional?

    As for the decency yardstick I admit I think it is a funny and witty one. And total nonsense as well of course :). What the hell should a woman care what petty bourgeois people talk about behind yher back in as long as she feels alright and comfortable?

    • Rosey confronts us the judgements the majority of people make concerning the skirt length and putting others in boxes. I don’t think only the bourgeois exclusively defines this 😉

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