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The Kiss

It’s Valentine’s day today. I don’t celebrate it but can’t help myself from posting this. Valentine is the day you express your love to your loved ones either with words, through gifts or by kissing. There are various kind of kisses. In art the kiss has been an intriguing theme. Here are my picks.


This is The Kiss by French impressionist Henri Toulouse-Lautrec. The kiss here is passionate, loving and tender. I love the raw brush strokes and the vivid colors. Red dominates but it blends harmoniously with the detail colors. Toulouse-Lautrec made another The Kiss painting of a couple in bed in blue tones, but this one has my preference.


This marble sculpture The Kiss by French sculptor Auguste Rodin shows a couple kissing with mutual sexual tension, a sensuous masterpiece.


The kiss is one of Gustav Klimt’s best paintings. This Jugendstil artwork from Austrian painter Klimt, shows a man kisses a woman intimately and obsessively. She barely answers the kiss but yet doesn’t seem to mind. She doesn’t push him away. I personally love the background, composition and the colors.


Intriguing interpretation of The Kiss by Norwegian painter Edvard Munch. In a somber and dark room with gloomy colors a naked couple kissing full of lust intensely. Perhaps a forbidden love or a short affair? Who knows.


This is a well-known artwork from American artist Roy Lichtenstein. This pop art style painting with strong black lines and primary colors is very strong in its simplicity. I admire Lichtenstein for this. A desperate kiss. She cries emotionally. They kiss and hold on each other tightly. Is it a good-bye kiss at the end of the relationship?

Anyhow, back to the Valentine’s Day, I wish those who celebrate a happy day full of love. Show your loved ones you love them, give them a kiss.

I end this post with the touchy Kiss Me from Ed Sheeran. Enjoy the song!


6 thoughts on “The Kiss

  1. Well, like you I usually don’t pay attention to V-Day. But this short lesson on the kiss in modern graphic art is a worthwhile exploitation of this event which mostly is merely commercial.

    • Yes, that’s why I don’t celebrate it. Brands exploit this day too much while the idea is good actually. Yes, the paintings are beautiful, aren’t they?

  2. Aih mbak bikin aku termehek mehek pagi pagi gini ^^ I love the first painting! wow apalagi kalau liat langsung ya, intens bok. Mana pasang Ed Sheeran pulak 😀 love is in the air! Enne, ik heb mijn manlief een liefdevol kus gegeven voor ik naar werk ging dong! <–istri yg baik bukan?

    • Ha..ha..thank you Pie. Yes, first painting from Henri Toulouse – Lautrec itu memang intens banget. Padahal Toulouse – Lautrec stylenya lain sekali seperti The Kiss yang dipost ini.

      Als een pasgetrouwde stel hoor je Valentijnsdag te vieren vind ik. Je hebt het goed gedaan hoor!

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