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Just be thankful


Read this carefully and let the text sinks in your mind. Take a moment to really absorb this. In the fast lane we live these days most of us don’t bother to actually spend a minute for self reflection. As a human being we tend to focus on what we don’t have instead of the other way around. So, I here by offer you to read this and just be thankful for what you have. At this Blue Monday when new year’s resolutions seem too far away to achieve, this might give you a relieve. It allows you to put your concerns aside and helps you see things in perspective.

I found this inspiring piece at Froot.nl.


4 thoughts on “Just be thankful

  1. Can’t but agree of course. It certainly is a good thing to think of you’re being blessed being born and raised in the right place. However being “thankful” should only be the start of changing the world for the better.

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