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Merry Christmas

Christmas is time to be together with your family and loved ones. My last Christmas with my family was back in 1999! I was in Jakarta then for my father’s funeral. He passed away at the 14th. Now I have my own family but homesick strikes every Christmas succesfully.


Sometimes I long to be a child again. Stealing Christmas cookies my mother baked, setting the Christmas tree and the endless Christmas celebrations I had to attend. It seemed like Christmas was so much fun and easier at that time.

Cherish the moments
Despite the homesick I determine to celebrate this with memorable moments. Unforgettable memories of Christmas are what I try to pass on my daughter. One of them is the Christmas baking. And of course being together and enjoying each other’s company. I hope you all have unforgettable Christmas memories too.


4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. I’m sorry to read there are memories and homesickness attached to your X-mas. Yet I really hope the three of you will have a jolly 25th and 25th of December together. And a great 2013!

    • I am fully aware that being homesick during holidays is part of living far from your family and loved ones but the last 3 years the homesick has worsened. Nevertheless I did have beautiful and gezellige Christmas with my family here. Thank you!

  2. Wow, sudah lama sekali kamu gak Natalan di kampung halaman mbak! Untukku sendiri anehnya tahun ini tahun pertama yang gak pake homesick:)) Biasanya puncak homesick sepanjang tahun itu pas Natalan, tapi tahun ini syukurnya gak. Veel plezier vandaag met the in laws!

    • Iya, lama ya Ret. Karena aku kalau ke Indonesia selalu summer. Oh, ngga kangen rumah? Het valt dus mee voor je dit jaar. Gisteren was leuk met de schoonfamilie.

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