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In Bruges

Last September I had a short trip to Belgium for an off line meeting with Rima and Anita. A friend of ours who also lives in The Netherlands came along to. We had fun, ate, drank and laughed a lot. We stayed in Brussels at Rima’s place. The second day we visited Bruges (English and French spelling)/Brugge (Flemish spelling). I have been several times to Belgium: Antwerp, Brussels, Gent and hilly Les Ardennes but I have never been in Bruges before. Bruges is a beautiful city with its idyllic canals. When travelling there it is better to wear comfortable shoes. In order to see the canals you need to do lots of walking.

Before it is too late I would like to share some pics here. Clouds and sun were part of the weather during our visit, you see it on the pics.

One of the beautiful canals at Spaanse Looskaai, Bruges

An alley at Sint Joris, Bruges Center

A cozy restaurant at Sint Jacobstraat, Bruges

How to get there

Bruges is only 1 hour ride from Brussels. You can also reach this city from Antwerpen by train. Coming by car and parking your car at a parking lot nearby the station gives you a free ride with the bus to the city center.

If you travel to Belgium from The Netherlands, it is better to take a train. It is not necessary to travel with Thalys as normal train (intercity) goes hourly and this train is comfortable for 2, 5 hours ride from Amsterdam to Brussels Central.

Another canal at Augustijnenrei

A residence along Augustijnenrei, Bruges

Bruges/Brugge Grote Markt

A delicious souvenir from a local chocolaterie

When in Belgium, don’t miss the Wafels

In Bruges the movie

In this dark brilliant comedy starring Colin Farrell, Bruges seems like a dark city, but actually it is not. Enjoy the beautiful sights of the canals at nights!

All pics were edited with Snapseeds on my iPad

3 thoughts on “In Bruges

    • Thanks Colson for the link. I have read your interesting review. Every time I visit Belgium and being a Dutch speaking person, I need to laugh looking at some Flemish words. About the city itself, it is indeed a beautiful mediaeval city. I wish I could go back to Brugge at night to take some more pics.

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