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Green Rush

Once I read this quote: Sustainability has caused a new rush in the world, green rush. It is true. Many companies and well-known brands show the awareness of sustainability friendly. It is nothing more than normal to be green for these companies these days. The market & consumers require them to do so. The consumers feel better by purchasing sustainable products. For they know that is the small contribution to preserve the earth.  Most ready to wear brands have an affordable green fashionable line in their collection like H&M (see pic of H&M’s green collection last spring below).

HM Eco-friendly glamour collection Spring 2012

Me  sustainability – friendly?

As consumer it works both ways. I really try to live green. I only have one shopper bag which I use every time I do the groceries .  I don’t have a car, instead I bike to work or take the public transportations such as the train and bus. I use no plastic bag, set my heater max 20 degree Celsius in the winter, eat the vegs and fruits of the season accordingly, eat meatless 1 – 2 days in a week, separate my bio and non bio trash, use  LED lamps etc. My biggest sins however are: wearing nylon stockings and tights and I do cook and bake a lot! I love wearing skirts and dresses, even in the winter. So I pair this with stockings or tights. They are mostly available with nylon in it unfortunately. As you know synthetic nylon is hard to recycle. Stockings don’t last long, after 5 – 8 uses, they go to the bin. As soon as green stockings are available, I will purchase them. And as cooking concerned, I love to do slow cooking in the autumn and winter. This means a mega consumption of gas in my household. I cherish the aroma of baked goods in my kitchen, it gives me a homey comfortable feeling. So, with all this information above, do you think I am sustainability friendly?

Green tips

I found these green tips on the net: unplug your home appliances at night, carpooling, save water, do not litter, skip the bottled water or reuse the bottle, think before you buy: do you really really need it? (this is also handy tip for controlling your expenses actually) and the list goes on and on. All I want to say is: how idealistic it may sound, going green is not as tough as it seems.

Are you already or are you going green? Remember, in order to reach big goal one must set small steps.

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