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Ubud travel industry

As I wrote before I had a week holiday in Bali between my sister’s wedding preparations. Each time we visit Indonesia for a holiday, we manage to visit Bali. Usually we divide our holiday between Ubud and a stay on the coast. This time it was Ubud and Seminyak. Last year we went there for two week with our friends, this time it was just the three of us.

I write this post to express my thoughts about Ubud as one of most visited tourists spots in the world.

Traffic jams in paradise
So there we were, landed at Ngurah Rai Airport. The driver who picked us up was a nice company. He told me that Bali was getting more and more crowded. I agreed with him cause within 1 year I saw significant rise of traffic. Ngurah Rai Airport is being renovated now (August 2012). The big roundabout Simpang Siur at Kuta is getting underground bypasses as an attempt to cope with traffic. Even in beloved tranquil Ubud. The village which once so calm and idyllic has become a busy little town now. Many restaurants cater big tourist buses, while the market down town is always packed with tourists looking for a good bargain.

Drinking my tea at Tegalalang, I started to worry as I saw how many villas arising there. Tegalalang is not even officially situated in Ubud but marketed as Ubud. My other worry is that the rice fields would disappear. Those were and are tourist attraction but for how long? Many rice fields owners sell their ground to villa/resort developers. The other day I was walking through the conjuction between Nyuh Kuning to Jalan Bisma through the Monkey Forest I then wondered how selfish I was to wanting Ubud stayed at it was like in the 90’es. Of course the locals want to benefit from the flourishing travel industry, especially after Ubud went Hollywood with Julia Roberts’ Eat Pray Love movie a few years ago. Who am I to forbid them doing so?

A place to come back to
Whatever happens I will come back to Ubud. As G (my daughter) said, I don’t know why but I really love to be in Ubud. Just being there calms me. So, if Ubud nowadays causes such effect on G who doesn’t know how Ubud 20 years ago was (when it was a small village with hardly traffic) then I know, the travel industry won’t damage this little paradise.


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