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The Wedding

My youngest sister told me in March that she was getting married this summer. So there I went to visit Indonesia two years in a row. This time it was special because of the wedding. Most Indonesian weddings are done with traditions. The wedding vow takes place in the mosque or at home for muslim couples, in the church for christians and catholics or in the temple for the hindus. The wedding reception follows at home or in a party center/hotel.

D, my youngest sister and the bride


My sister husband to be then, comes from North Sumatra. People from that region are called the Bataks. According to Batak Christians, an engagement is a must before the wedding itself. The engagement is called Martupol. It is a special service in the church when the priest asks the couple in front of the congregators whether they seriously want to get married. My sister’s Martupol took place two weeks before the wedding (see pic below). As a half Manadonese and Javanese this was also a whole new experience for me since I have only attended Javanese, Manadonese, Sundanese (West-Javanese), Balinese and Padang (West-Sumatran) weddings before.

R & D Martupol

The Wedding

In between the Martupol and the wedding, we (husband, daughter and I) managed to squeeze 1 week vacation in Bali (more of this later in another post). During the wedding we, the bride’s sisters, mother and nieces wore kebaya (see pic below my sister surrounded by the nieces. The one in yellow is my daughter G). I love wearing kebaya. This was the first time in years that I got to wear one cause there is hardly an occassion here which requires me to wear this traditional dress.

The bride and the nieces

It was a beautiful wedding with capturing and intimate moments between the bride and the groom, sad moments when my sister the bride asked for blessings. At that time we all had to think of our late father, so tears occurred. The party the following evening was a blast! I saw many family, relatives and friends. I was like a butterfly, mingling from the one to another. I didn’t make as many pictures as I wanted though I mean that would be odd for the sister’s bride in kebaya taking pictures during the ceremony, wouldn’t it?

It felt strange to see that my youngest sister is now somebody’s wife. For in my mind she stays the fourteen year old girl I left her 17 years ago. In the end I am really happy she has found someone to share her life with. Happy wedding dear sis. I wish you and R, your beloved husband a happily ever after!


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