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A prosperous 2012

Hopes for 2012
For years my personal hopes for the new year have been simple. So as for 2012  they stay the same: maintaining the good health, spending happy time with family and friends, staying content with myself and exploring more culinary and photography challenges.

I wish the economy crisis in the Eurozone would decrease with clear arrangements for the involved countries. Since It has been going on for almost two years now and the leaders have been talking only without taking action. Why this matter concerns me? As a Dutch resident it will affect me in certain ways like it or not.

Last but not least I wish a sportive year with The Olympic Games in London and Euro 2012 in Ukraine and Poland coming.

Happy new year!


2 thoughts on “A prosperous 2012

  1. May our common worries vanish in thin air and 2012 prove to be a fabulous year. And may Bert van Marwijk’s boys beat Germany twice and win the final of the European Championship:)

    • Hi Colson,

      Interesting to answer your comment 9 months after I shared my worries in this post. As you know, Van Marwijk’s boys didn’t make it, unfortunately the economy crisis has worsened and so on and so on. On the other hand exploring photography has been a succes to myself. I have become more critical towards my own works which means the hunger to make better pics is still there.

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