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Today next year

Would we still be here today next year? According to Maya calendar the world would come to its end at 21 December 2012. There are numerous interpretations of this phenomenons. Some are based on religious beliefs, some on scientific grounds, some on nature catastrophes and some on what really had happened. As I assume you know/read about this matter, I won’t explain how it is cause I am no 2012 expert.

Maya calendar

 Wait and see
I am not preparing myself toward the apocalypse although I don’t see it as a hoax either. I am not a fatalist, but I believe there is one super power which watches over us. When it comes, it comes. It is exactly the same attitude I had when the millennium bug was buzzing which finally didn’t happen.  

One thing I am sure of, it would not be as in the movie 2012. When it would turn out that this won’t happen, I will write a post about it next year with news about how relieved/disappointed people would be.


One thought on “Today next year

  1. Actually I’m not too worried about the world’s and/or my own end either. I am ( we are) but insignificant particle(s) in Universe and so be it. At the same time I think predictions of a total collapse belong in the Nostradamus category.

    However Lars von Trier showed us the idea of some kind of apocalypse can be turned into an artistic masterpiece: “Melancholia”. It happened to be THE greatest, most fabulous and overwhelming movie I saw this year.

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