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World AIDS Day

First time I heard about AIDS was when news broke that Rock Hudson died of it. It was somewhere in 1985. As a young girl I wondered how bad this disease could be for humans. In early 90’es AIDS took another well-known victims: Queen’s lead singer, Freddie Mercury and Russian ballet dancer, Rudolf Nureyev 

World AIDS day 2011

Nowadays the life expectancy of those who have the AIDS virus is averagely higher than in the 80’es. Unfortunately AIDS has become epidemic. The following facts might help to  illustrate how bad this disease is:

  • Worldwide there are 34 million people infected with HIV virus.
  • Every 17,5 second someone dies of AIDS.
  • Every 12 second someone gets infected.
  • There are 16,6 million AIDS orphans due to the death of their parents because of AIDS.

Further information
The list of the facts provided by Stop Aids Now is long. However the awareness to prevent getting infected at developing countries is very poor. A combination of taboo talking about sex, misconception that only gays get infected and low use of condom doesn’t help the spreading of this epidemic. If you are interested in detailed demographic information, visit UNAIDS. It is an United Nation organ which provides the latest data about AIDS as epidemiology per regions or countries worldwide.

The World AIDS Day was first introduced in 1988. 23 years later on today, this is a day to take note about this epidemic in world’s modern history.

AIDS in music
I close this short post with Bruce Springsteen’s song, Philadelphia. A theme song of an oscar winning movie about an AIDS patient portrayed by Tom Hanks. This beautiful song embodies the storyline of the movie: dark and desperate.  

Stop AIDS Now!


3 thoughts on “World AIDS Day

  1. HIV/AIDS is a killer which deserves our attention indeed. The number of casualties is still growing.

    Fortunately the good news is that it has to be lethal – essentially it has become a chronic disease for those who contracted HIV. Unfortunately that is for those who are prosperous enough themselves or who live in a prosperous society only.

    • HIV/AIDS is not as lethal as it was when it became widely known in the early years. What I find very disturbing is the ignorance of some people/institutions who do nothing to prevent the epidemic. Nowadays HIV/AIDS patients can live longer thanks to the medications, but unfortunately this applies only on those with enough money to afford sufficient medical care.

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